You don't like it when people put those eraser tops on pencils with perfectly fine erasers already on them, amirite?

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I do that because
the pencil's eraser runs out when I need it in the middle of class

if the eraser top runs out
I have the pencil's eraser as back up
especially since the pencil lasts way longer than it's eraser

I don't feel like carrying around multiple eraser tops

and another thing
when you put an eraser top on top of almost non existent pencil's eraser
the eraser top tends to tear

so putting an eraser top on top of a brand new pencil eraser just seems more reasonable to me

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@coolstory Why do we type like this.

I don't put one word for every line

@fuzala I don't put one word for every line

Still haven't answered my question. I was exaggerating, but you know what I mean.

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