When you say family comes first you don't just mean the people related to you by blood you also mean that people who have been there for you for a long time in your life and who you know you can count on no matter what. Maybe that is blood relatives maybe not. At the end of the day though the people you should put first in your life are the ones who care for you and are there for you and maybe that is a blood relative or a very close friend but the point is the term "family" doesn't have to just mean blood relatives it is those who are there for you the most and who love you for you, amirite?

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Run-ons, man

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My face when reading that last "sentence": confused smilie

While I agree, this post was very repetitive and has been done before.

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This could have been done in one sentence.

Not to be overly literal but the word "family" in English defines blood.

Why would anyone disagree with this??

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