Student government is a pure and simple popularity contest most of the time, amirite?

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At my old school, the "officers" that would always get elected in my class were the preppy popular girls. The school i moved to elected people who were geeky and smart, truth be told, it matters what school you actually go to.

Generally speaking, yes. At my school, most of the popular people are also really smart and involved in the school, and fairly often listen to the people who aren't in SGA and what they want, so it's not really a big deal that they win.

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not most of the time; ALL of the time.

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Thats why I don't run! I mean, I love being a leader, i have a whole bunch of great ideas for the school, and people constantly tell me that i should, but i think losing something like that would be totally mortifying.wt smilie

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