Some just love to blame religion for war, but they fail to mention all those "secular" wars that have occurred. Amirite?

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You might be right, however when I think about mainstream religions I think about "love they neighbor". To me it is especially abhorrent that someone would kill in the name of their god. True, many many wars are fought over non-religious causes, but every single war fought in the name of a deity only reinforces my belief that those who support wars of faith do so under false or spurious pretenses.

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There may have been many wars on non religious issues, all those wars are wrong but that doesn't make the religious wars justified. Violence in any form is condemnable. Wars have done no good whatever may be the reason.

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people fight over differences period

people who say that getting rid of religion will get rid of war are disillusioned

that's what I was trying to get at


so no
not poor logic

I wasn't talking about atheists
so there's no need to bring up "wars in the name of no God"

I was talking about secular reasons for war
which religious and irreligious participate in

I was making a comparison between reasons for war

I WASN'T making a comparison between theism and atheism

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oh yeah
and religion and atheism aren't mutually exclusive

there are atheists who are religious such as certain Jainists and Buddhists


and those people always mention religion
the "some" I mention in this post

how often do people complain about wars caused by secular reasons?

I rarely, if ever, hear such

how often do I hear people complain about wars caused by religious people

a bajillion times

even though more wars have been caused for secular reasons

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oh yeah
because only the religious are brainwashed and dumb

greed is not a rational issue
greed is excessive and irrational

being irrational isn't correlated with high religiousness

it's correlated with the kind of person you are

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I don't care about winning
you already apologized for misreading my post

we're not even debating the existence of God
so why are you bringing that up?

you're the one adding things in

I don't understand why you have to ridicule people
and that comment about African babies has nothing to do with my post

and when did I say you said religious people were gullible and brainwashed?
I didn't say you said that
I was being sarcastic

plus, you said we're all dumb in that other post
so I don't really see the point

I don't even remember what your last paragraph said

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that's not what we're debating about

we're not debating about His existence because what you believe and what I believe has nothing to do with wars

neither of us are in a war
at least I know I'm not
so what we believe is not relevant here

I was being sarcastic because I felt like being sarcastic

you claim that I implied something with my sarcasm
you inferred wrongly

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I think my mother is a good person
I still feel insulted when people call her names or make fun of her actions

it's not that I believe what those bubkises are saying
it's that she's my mother
I love her
and don't enjoy hearing insults about her
even though they are false

I am secure about being a Muslim
yet I would still feel hurt when called a terrorist

it's called having a natural reaction

and I would be offended if someone made fun of me for believing in gravity

when I'm called dumb
I feel offended

rudeness offends me period
bullies offend me period

you're not a very kind person

now I'm the one that feels like I'm talking to a wall
maybe I should just call it quits too
and take my frustration out in a more beneficial way

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and your gravity comparison wasn't slightly off?
that's what I was going off of

if you're gonna say that
look at your own example
or at least explain yourself

those examples are relevant because they're all something I believe

I'm trying to disprove your claim that people get offended about rudeness only when they think the insults and ridicule are true

that claim is false

I did find your comments somewhat pleasant when talking about stuffed animals
but your rudeness and stank attitude are very unpleasant
your comments agreeing with racial profiling were also unpleasant

as for if I find you, as a person, pleasant
I have no reason to find that out

this is real life with real, living people
I'm a real person
it's not some fictional game

I'm not a fanatic or zealot (reference to your profile)
so please find a better way to release frustration

try not to do it on other people

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you said: "I've never heard anyone say that all wars are due to religion."

Found a post: http://www.debate.org/opinions/...d-64157b3d2d45

the person was being sarcastic though wary smilie
I'm waiting to see if anyone genuinely disagrees

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