The death penalty isn't killing to show that killing is wrong. The death penalty is meant to be justice for the people affected, amirite?

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It is still a bad idea, but that is precisely why it exists.

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@StickCaveman What Vic said. I'm still against it.

Me too. But why are you against it? Most people that I talk to that are against the death penalty are surprised when they hear my reasoning for being against it too (because it costs more money to have a prisoner on death row and kill them than the cost to keep a prisoner for life.)

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@Frank_n_Furter Me too. But why are you against it? Most people that I talk to that are against the death penalty are surprised...

Various reasons...

1) There are some people in society I do think would be better off dead. The problem is who am I to judge who deserves to die and who doesn't? If I'm not a proper judge then why should anyone else be?

2) Innocent until proven guilty. A lot of times, there's not substantial evidence that a person committed a murder and many are put to death only to be found innocent years later when it's too late. This is not proper justice.

3) Putting a murderer to death doesn't solve anything. It doesn't bring the victims back to life. It doesn't teach the murderer a lesson because they'll be dead. It clearly doesn't stop other murderers happening. It teaches "don't get caught" rather than "taking another life is bad".

It only serves as an act of revenge of people affected (or justice as you put it). It also teaches youth that killing another human is better than trying to help them. Death good and justified. Rehabilitation too much work. We no try help stop action. We just bash with club. Bash with club fix problem.

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Personally, I don't like the death penalty. I don't know about you, but if someone I knew (or even myself) was murdered or had something done to them that warrants the perp to be given a death sentence, I would be pissed out of my mind. I would want them to suffer. I would rather they rot in prison. Not die peacefully after what they've done.

Killing to show killing is wrong, is ineffective (and contradictory).

Killing, like you said, for justice towards affected people ; i.e. revenge for the sake of revenge, is hardly justifiable.

Killing to prevent a situation to happen again, because the person cannot change or has done enough harm not to be trusted ever again, is probably the reason death penalty is still present in many countries.

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