Too many people shy away from a deep and philosophical conversation, amirite?

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Why's that? If conversations were boring and typical then that's what people should back away from. Deep philosophical ones are great, they show how a person thinks and lets you know a whole lot more about them. I, even though im an introverted person, would pee myself from excitement when offered a deep meaningful conversation. Infact, lets have one right know.

I shy away from most conversations

Only say "no" because I can always find someone to have one with. "Too many" would be when I could not.

Too many people try to force them.

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@Too many people try to force them.

Apparently, you and i meet totally different types of people on a daily basis. I'd love to meet the humans you interact with. If anyone forced a meaningful conversation, I'd jump right into it. Infact, i wouldn't even let them "force" it.

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