If you found a wallet with $100 in it, a drivers license, credit cards, a check for $200, and a piece of gum, you need to give it to the police right now, amirite?

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Sure. I need to give the 100 dollars, license, credit cards, and check to the police. The piece of gum is mine.

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You don't NEED to, it's not like you're gonna get in trouble if you don't. You just should. I wouldn't give it to the police though, they can be crooked bastards. I would look at the address of the driver's license and return it to them directly.

If it were I, I would eaither 1. Give it to them in person 2. Stick it in an envelope and put it in their mailbox 3. Contact them and get them to come get the wallet

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No, the gum is mine.

Steal the gum though ;)

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