You can tell a lot from a person by checking his playlist, amirite?

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I like how it says "playlist" and not "content of iPod." My iPod has everything in my iTunes library, but it does not necessarily represent what I listen to because the rest of the family puts stuff on there. I have a pretty kick-ass playlist, and it now has almost 3000 songs.

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All you can tell by someone's playlist is what music they like to listen to. My playlists change with my mood, time of day, or what I am doing. I also have playlists from almost every genre of music and as muddy pointed out, 2 huge playlists I call "mixed bag" with a little bit of everything. I like to put on one of those and let the iPod randomly pick the songs. I guess the main thing you could learn about me from my playlist is - I love variety.

@MusicIsAGift But if you have 1 playlist that you add to and never take anything out...

...then you have one big ass playlist. I have playlists with 300-600 songs, and probably at least 40 different lists. My goal is to never hear the same song twice in one day and no advertisements. As long as that occurs, I have had a good day.

I can tell what sort of music they like, but that's about it.

Me, I don't have a playlist. I simply constantly cycle through my YouTube favorite list and all the songs on my iPod. I probably listen to the music with the most diversity out of anyone I know. I wonder what that says about me.

it says that you're an open minded and can accept a criticism. I'd tell more about you If I knew half of the people you wrote...

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