It's funny reading about all these people having snow days when here it's the summer holidays and the sun's shining outside, amirite?

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This JUST got homepaged..

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wow. I'd love some summer time heat here....what country you from?

@dallees New Zealand

come chat with us! amirite.net/chat i want to pick at your brainziez!

oh that's cool! I'm from America..I've always wanted to go to New Zealand! :) lol

Our summer is this march. Can't wait. :)

I'm in Australia. You're so right! :)

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South Africa.

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I'm in America, but in the southern tip of Texas, so it's still pretty warm and no chance of snow :(

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haha more like rainy in Australia...but close enough. Still boiling hot though.

Ah, darn southen-hemispherers. I like the snow and cold anyway, though, haha.

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