The President's decision to close 21 American Embassies this Sunday, in all Muslim countries, due to threats of attacks, is clear proof that Al-Qaeda is NOT defeated or diminished as he has said so many times. Amirite?

I am providing several links. Muslims want Americans to believe that Islam does not support terrorism. However, Al-Qaeda IS a global Muslim terrorist organization with far more than a FEW participants. The Muslim Brotherhood is also an Islamic Movement and considered to be one of the largest and most influential of all Islamic movements (estimates in the millions). They engage in political violence and assassinate political opponents. Our government has sent money and military equipment to them.
In 2011, our White House said that Al-Qaeda was no longer a threat to the U.S. Since the Benghazi attack, President Obama has tried to assure Americans that there is no danger or threat from Al-Qaeda.
If Muslims are peaceful people and are no threat, then WHY in God's name are we shutting down 21 Embassies in ONLY Muslim countries? Did it ever occur to anyone that they in fact are not peaceful? Please notice in the first link what one of the Muslim clerics has to say about Sharia. If you don't think they are coming for our country, THINK AGAIN! By our president closing these Embassies, he is admitting there is a huge problem AND that we are scared and fearful. He is portraying us as weak and willing to give in. This is NOT the work of a great leader.

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"Muslims want Americans to believe that Islam does not support terrorism." is what your explanation says. I think you have a terribly skewed view of Muslims. It's a shame that there are still Americans out there who treat people who are different like that. I'm glad that most Americans aren't like that.

Also, you says "Muslims want Americans..." when in actuality, there are plenty of Muslim Americans. It's a shame you only keep your eyes peeled to fit your bias sir. I can only hope that changes one day, and more people learn to treat people decently.

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Can you name another religious group that seeks to take over the world by and with its religion?


Can you name another religious group that seeks to take over the world by and with its religion?


Yeah, I have done several Muslim posts, and they go ballistic on here. There are about 3 that I am aware of who are extremely vocal and hateful. They say we can't read or understand the Quran properly, so we have no grounds to make comments about it. And in spite of what they want us to believe, they do have members of large groups in their religious system who are promoting terrorism and murder all around the world.
And I too am not interested in killing people who do not believe. God will do the judging and punishing that needs to be done.

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Just make an anti-Muslim post or a post telling a factual truth that exposes an error they are involved in, and they will surface. I had to block 2 of them because their comments are completely over the top and degrading. They are right, we are wrong - period.

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You got it my friend. And I am NOT on here for warfare. I do this for relaxation and learning. I will not have a Muslim cram their crap down my throat. If I wanted to be of their religion, I would be. I have checked it out and can not agree with their teachings or antiquated practices. It is that simple.

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I hear this mumbo jumbo all the time - from Americans AND Muslims. If what you say is REALLY true, then WHY isn't the Muslim community denouncing the terrorists? Have you heard any reports in our country about protests against Muslim terrorism by Muslims? Nope. Do you hear about any Clerics or Mosques denouncing terrorism by Muslim groups? Nope. I asked a Muslim on here why they don't shun or excommunicate those doing such things, and I was told they can't. Allah decides all that. I thought that was a cop out and extremely weak and pathetic.
If people of ANY group are silent about terrorism within their group, then yes, they DO support terrorism.

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Would it be fair and safe to call ALL priests and the Catholic church's leadership guilty of child abuse? Yes, it would. They all knew about it, helped in keeping it covered up, and many have engaged in it. And any members who attend and KNOW it is going on and do nothing to stop it, are also guilty. To say or do nothing is the same as being involved in it because it allows the garbage to continue. People have to speak out and be willing to act.
Both of your links cite the supposed distancing by the Muslim community from the Boston Marathon bombings. But that was a small incident compared to what is going on all over the world right now. Hundreds and thousands are being killed monthly. You do not hear our press or the Muslims here making the news denouncing these actions. Also, Middle Easterners have NO problem saying or doing whatever is necessary to promote their agenda and promote their end game. Do you think the majority of the Muslim community is going to come right out and say they hate Americans or that Americans are infidel dogs? No, they do exactly like so many other agenda or activist groups do. They paint a pretty picture of how "good" they are and what they have to offer society. Meanwhile, they plot, plan, and implement strategies to undermine those they wish to overcome. Shariah law is slowly weaving its way in to American culture and courts. Once the Muslim community has succeeded in having their law take precedence over our law, THEN, the all out intentions and plans will be revealed. Islam is an ALL or NOTHING religion. It does not offer alternative choices or options. And they still DO have an active plan and goal for world domination.
If you wish to view the majority of them as "harmless," that is your choice. I will continue believing they have ulterior motives and will watch them very closely while challenging their views.

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It is really funny how people can't read and/or understand plain English any more. You took what I said plainly and put your own twisted spin on it.
I did not say ALL Muslims - I specifically said any and all who are silent and not speaking out against what they know is going on. If that happens to be ALL, then so be it.
Then you spun the issue back on me and took a personal stab about what I may or may not be speaking out against regarding white Christians. You are some piece of work!
Who and what groups are actively killing and slaughtering innocent people in Egypt right now? Bet you can't figure that one out because it is just too simple. And if you did know, then you would also know that our beloved ignorant president has sent millions of dollars and weaponry to support them. And why am I so outraged and exposing it regularly? Because I am a hard working tax paying citizen of the United States. Some of MY money is going to fund the corruption and killing that should not be going on.
If you support such measures, then that is your choice. But I am constantly outraged that our money is used to support and fund every whim of a corrupt government. People like you seem happy that our country is failing and going down the road to ruin. I think your kind should pay extra in taxes to support all the crooked endeavors that you seem so supportive of. If you truly believe in something, then you should put your money where your mouth is.
Apathy may exist, but social media makes it possible to turn the tide. You are surely aware enough to understand that one.
And post anything about the last paragraph that you can find, and I will support it. Any church I have been involved with in my lifetime, points out the blatant and open sins of those who claim to be believers. If they are members of a local church, the church is instructed on how to deal with a "brother" who has offended the church. I have talked to more than one Muslim about why they don't do this, and they say they can't. You may find that acceptable - I do not.
Yes, I have deep rooted opinions about Muslims, my president, and many other things. That is well within my rights to do so. I am sure you have NO deep rooted opinions of any kind - only the ones you wish to express against my posts. If you don't like my opinions, that is fine. But don't expect me to change because you or anyone else says so. I have not tried to change anything you believe or don't believe. Why would you try to change mine?

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Well let's do this. Since you have no absolute opinions and change yours daily and/or hourly, you change yours to match mine and then there is nothing else to talk about. Basically, by saying what you just did, you invalidate any and every thing you say to anyone. You can not hold any opinions or views about "right wingers" or "Christians." Change those today so your opinion fits those of people like me.
If Muslims are as concerned and involved as you are trying to claim, then surely they could slow down or put an end to tragic events such as Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood (all Muslims) and Al Qaeda (all Muslims) are huge organizations with more than a few hundred or thousand members and participants. Our government has given millions of dollars to support the Muslim Brotherhood and we sent them fighter jets and tanks. But you probably think they are helping the U.S. and doing good things. Muslims killing Muslims is the exact same problem and issue as blacks killing blacks here in the U.S. But nobody sees this as a real issue.
And I will disregard your last paragraph altogether, since your opinions change hourly and daily. Please change those now. Expecting them to do so would be helpful and beneficial to their entire religion and cause. As it stands, many view the whole religion as bad or evil because of all the rotten eggs they allow to run around chanting Allahu Akbar just before chopping someone's head off, or martyring themselves as a suicide bomber. I am sure Allah is very pleased with all of their actions.

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Fair enough.

coughuninformed racistcough

@rowanne coughuninformed racistcough

Keep coughing...........you just can't handle the truth! Saying something true about Muslims is NOT racist. Get over yourself and the racist card. It has been worn out and over played. Your racist leader needs a new game plan and strategy.

@rowanne Yooooo someone call Fox news- I think we got a new recruit over here

So because I watch multiple news channels and listen to multiple talk radio stations, that makes me a Fox news recruit? You are a brilliant mind. America needs more just like you! I would love to hear how your brain went from a Muslim post to Fox news. Nobody even mentioned Fox news except you. Excuse me now while I vomit over your ignorance.

@freespeechfreelancer So because I watch multiple news channels and listen to multiple talk radio stations, that makes me a Fox news...

It's a joke you inept fuck. Or rather, satire; you're a racist douche- they've built an empire out of racist douchebaggery- y'all are a match made in heaven.

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Sometimes? I ALWAYS feel and believe that way.

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