Any society/social structure falls apart if the people in charge do not listen to the people they serve, Amirite?

Also sorry if I butchered your country's flag.
I am not the best artist lol

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Kinda surprised nobody mentioned Amirite Guy in the picture. It's not just about the flags...

Oh hey look. POTD.

Also I may have made the flags modern and therefore different from their flags when they rebelled but honestly I didn't wanna research. My apologies. Also I didnt know how to erase "other" as an option. So click that if you like Corgis

Awesome drawing!

You got it. That is why America is falling apart. The snobs on the Hill quit listening or caring about those who make it all happen. What goes around comes around. They will get theirs.

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It is extremely sad what our military is doing to our young men. Most people have no idea what they are being subjected to and the number of men ending up with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). A record number of military are now committing suicide and NOBODY is talking about it. Why no presidential support or backing? And Veterans are having to fight and bring lawsuits to try and get what is owed them for their service and sacrifice.

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I don't know how closely you follow the "disappearances" of supposed Conspiracy Theorist types who were on to huge inside stories. There have been several supposed "suicides" or deaths of these guys in the past few months, and all were ruled either suicide or accidental death [Michael Hastings, Andrew Breitbart, Barnaby Jack, Keith Ratliff, Phillip Marshall]. I personally believe with all my heart that Obama has a "hit squad" that is taking people out who pose a serious threat to cracking the truth of governmental cover-ups. You saw how bad he wanted to get his hands on Snowden, and I truly believe they would love to take him out. I also believe that in spite of our arrogant President's remarks about the scandals being "phony," he is the only phony and is doing his best to keep as much as possible under wraps and hushed. He is NOT transparent, and does not intend to be. If he ever intended to be, he would have made his college transcripts public from the beginning (which are still sealed to this day). Nobody knows for sure what schools he attended, his grades, or what name he attended school under. If he had NOTHING to hide, this would not be an issue or big deal. But he spins everything and turns it back on we the people to try and make us out to be the idiots. I had him spotted from the get go. He is a snake of the worst kind and has decimated everything he has touched in our once great nation. He also skipped the Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball in 2009. He is the first President to do so in over 50 years. He also did not attend in 2013. Things like this are not accidental or oversight - they are intentional. And I don't know about you, but I am so sick and tired of hearing him say that he was not aware of something that happened until the news broke the story! That is simply not true or possible. He has a team of advisers at all times to keep him abreast of everything going on in our country and around the world. If he does not know something (as he claims), then it is intentional and for a reason.
Benghazi is still the biggest stain on his "leadership" and they are doing everything they can to keep it hushed. The CIA is harassing the CIA agents who were there on the ground when the attack was occurring. This is unprecedented in our country - deliberate targeted efforts to silence individuals from telling the truth about what took place.
How and why the man is still in office is beyond me. But it is more than time for him to go. He has NO leadership skills or knowledge. He has made a big enough mess in our country and added to the debt tremendously. The blaming Bush game is over, and it is time for the buck to stop at the feet of the one in charge.

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Very sad to say or think about, but the ground work has been laid. I think the camps are right around the corner.

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Your comments are a breath of fresh air. The stench coming from D.C. is quite overwhelming.

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