Black and White couples should have Gray children. Amirite?

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Some of the sexiest people are the offspring of interracial conception.

@fuzala are you multiracial?

No, just the one race (I'm Nigerian). But I have witnessed many a multiracial beauty. Half black half white, half black half asian, half white half asian, half white half Indian and they were all BEAUTIFUL. And this one girl I knew who's father was from Sri Lanka and mother from the Phillipines was so drop dead gorgeous I could've slapped somebody. Multiracial kids always seem to end up with the best from both their worlds

That's some fine mathing you done their. 10/10

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If only black and white people weren't actually brown and pink (or peach).

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That's not nice. They'll probably have great personalities.

ami missing something here?

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face palm. do you know NOTHING about genetics?!

sarcasm rules hands down

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everyone is just a different shade of brown

even within the same race


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