A person should not have to pay taxes on gifts, lotto winnings, or game show winnings. Amirite?

I had heard quite some time back that when Oprah gave a car to every person in her audience, that some of the people had real issues when they found out that they had to pay the taxes on the vehicles. Several of them simply could not, so when Oprah found out (I can't believe she did not know), she went ahead and paid the taxes for everyone who could not afford to do so.
My wife saw a special yesterday about people who have won money and prizes on game shows, and all of them have to pay taxes on their winnings BEFORE they can leave. If they can't pay the taxes, they do not get to keep what they won. One lady won cash and a car, so she used the cash she won to pay the taxes to keep the car! I looked up several sights today, and the percentages are insane. It just seems wrong that the government can and does step in to claim a healthy percentage of something they clearly had absolutely nothing to do with. Gifts, game shows, and the lottery are not run by the government.
I would love hearing your take on this issue.

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Works for me. So how do WE THE PEOPLE implement it? Our government is supposed to do the things the people wish - since they "supposedly" represent US. What a joke that is!
I do know and fully believe that if the founders could see what this government is getting by with (including Social Security), they would literally "shit their britches."

Before I begin, I'm not trying to get into a debate on the merit of our government. We all know that it is full of terrible abuses at the hands of corrupt politicians and scumbag lobbyists who care more about themselves than their country or their job. Especially recently, this has become self evident.

However, the government for all it's wastefulness, also gets stuff done. Everything from public schools to roads and sewers. In the interest of brevity, my point is that the results the government achieves are vitally important, and also very expensive. And it's not just the community projects either. Specifically, I'm thinking about the military which doesn't fund itself and whether you agree or disagree, the work they do is the only thing that guarantees we can all be on this website discussing our opinions freely. Again, the failures of the government are wide reaching but it needs funding all the same.

@DanTheMan Before I begin, I'm not trying to get into a debate on the merit of our government. We all know that it is full of...

And I disagree. PEOPLE get things done. Private individuals and companies can beat the government's product any day of the week. Businesses, production, innovation, and creativity are all stifled and suppressed by government. Government is for itself and taking care of those in its circle.
If this government would get the hell out of the way of the PEOPLE, and let us get back to living and doing as free citizens, the economy would explode. As long as government tries to impose its will and ways ON the people, things will continue to shrink and fail. This present administration is intent on creating a dependency on itself, and that is despicable. Our president is actually trying to promote more illegal immigration and dependency on Welfare and his Albatross Health Care fraud. He is on the "campaign trail" right now, trying to encourage young people to get out and sign up for his plan.
If you want to live in a "nanny" state or country, be my guest. I do NOT want government controlling my life or compelling my every choice or decision in life. That is NOT the government's job or role. It has assumed and taken power over many things that it has no business or right involving itself in.
I will say that I fully believe in the power and efforts of the American people far more than the efforts and production of our government. Give the people an open door and a chance, and magic would happen. Every thing you list as needing government could easily be done better and cheaper by citizens. And government has no right to keep taking what is NOT theirs to cover its own ass and mistakes. It is their JOB to spend our money wisely and to balance the books. They have failed miserably for years.

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I hear ya loud and clear. But, the average every day American who is living paycheck to paycheck (which is a large percentage) will not be able to withstand a financial collapse. I know I won't. So then what? Some say reinstate the gold standard, but only the wealthy have the gold. Then there is the barter system which was extremely popular way back in the day, and that would probably be the only way people could survive. Trading services and labor for what is needed.
And I am for doing whatever it will take to reign in this corrupt government of waste and overspending. They have become our masters instead of our servants. This is why we can NEVER give up our rights - even if they pass laws against such. Speech, Religion, Pursuit of Happiness, Property, gun ownership - they have attacked on every front and are clearly subverting the Constitution. And our government is actively attacking the rights of individual states now and telling them what they can and can not do. Those are HUGE warning signs of where we are really at.
I can easily see a Cyprus scenario in our future. The money our government is printing right now is worthless. We are in debt up to our eyeballs, and the debt is real and owed. Only real money can satisfy that debt. Not only has our government been living off of borrowed money, but it has been borrowing money just to pay the interest on the debt owed! We all know the snowball effect of getting caught in the credit card debt. Multiply that by a trillion, and that is the doo doo our country is facing.
And of course, one of the biggest problems all of this creates is WEAKNESS. If a nation is broke and can't pay it's bills, then it is prey to any and every other country that seeks it's destruction. I am sure there are several countries that have their eye on us right now.
Do you have specific plans or strategies if a collapse occurs? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Does not sound like you have gone overboard like some of the "Doomsday Preppers" but that you have enough resourcefulness to get by. Do you live in a city or rural setting? I live on 5 acres in the country. I grew up in the city however, and my country skills are next to nothing. I have never hunted, hated fishing the few times I tried it (did not like sitting and watching a line, bobber, or pole to move), and have never farmed. I do have 2 good wells on my property (one is 45 ft. deep, the other 90 ft. deep), so water is good. I have wanted to figure out how to go off the grid, but wind turbines and solar are way out of my price range.

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OK...thanks. I will take all the help and suggestions I can get. People are going to have to rely on people when disaster hits. I work at a Wastewater Treatment Plant, but we only get the water safe enough to go in to a wetlands area and then back out in to the Arroyo. We only use aeration (adding oxygen to the water) and allow nature (the bacteria and other microorganisms) to do their thing. They play the biggest role in "cleaning" the water. Before the water leaves our plant, it passes through ultra violet light channels that kill any other harmful bacteria. We use no chemicals at all. The drinking water plants are the ones that bomb the water with poisonous chemicals.

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Thanks. I just copy and pasted this to a document file for reference. Appreciate it much.

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I agree. But they have all but taken everyone's property rights completely. The "imminent domain" laws have been the avenue of stripping property rights. If they want it, they can pretty much do whatever they need to to take it.
A buddy told me a while back to start buying and storing ammo of the most common weapons owned by citizens. He said they would be worth more than gold in a day of collapse. I tend to agree. I think with water, land, and bullets, a person can probably get through lots of crap.

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