Social Media sites should convert from a type/text format to a voice/face format. There would be less communication misunderstandings by hearing a voice and seeing a face. Amirite?

For me personally, talking is easier than typing or texting. I know the younger generation prefers texting over anything, but there is no full social connection by text alone. Imagine a dating site with no pictures or preview spots to watch of prospective "dates." By converting to a voice/picture format, people would be interacting more realistically. We could see and hear them rather than seeing only black text in white boxes. By hearing voice inflections and seeing facial expressions, we would better understand what they are actually saying. I believe it would be more meaningful.
If people did not want their real voice or face, have an option to select a variance in voice and face [just like options for various avatars].

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If you want to talk face to face with someone online then just go to a website like Skype or Tinychat. I don't know about others, but Facebook already has the option to video chat (I'm not sure but I think it's a download). And it should be only that, an option. I'm more comfortable with typing because that way, I'm not pressured to give an immediate answer and have time to get my thoughts in order.

For me, it depends on the situation. Sometimes I prefer talking, and sometimes I prefer texting or email. I don't think that social media sites should switch the format, but encourage both type and voice formats.

I like talking to people I'm close to, but if it someone I don't really know that well, I prefer to type.

If I want to talk to someone in person, I will Skype them or go see them.

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