Dogs are the best creatures on this earth, amirite?

Dogs make my life worth living.

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can't say the best creature
but they can be very sweet

I also don't wanna hear any cheese from cat haters on how cats are clever/evil/indifferent/cruel
or something like that

because all cats aren't the same

I feel like pets are oppressed because they don't get to roam the Earth at their own free will

at least with humans
they can grow up and have that
even if it's not there as a child

but you can learn to talk and communicate directly what you want

with pets
the communication is a little more fuzzy

@BuddyCakes My cat likes to cuddle.

BAAAW goo smilie

I love animals
but they frighten me for some reason

like when I pet their fur
and they breathe
I just freeze

if they didn't breathe
I would be fine I think

it just the movement of their fur and the feel of their spine shock smilie

I can't even touch a live fish

dead is fine though

I'll show you some posts to show my animal love



the comments here:


llamas and alpacas




there's probably more
but I don't wanna search anymore :3

My favorite animal is a grizzly bear, but you can't well keep them as pets. My favorite kind of pet I've ever had is a cat.

but I do like all animals apart from the deadly ones

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I'm the best creature on Earth

Termites are more advanced than any other species including humans, well the actual entity is the termite mound, each termite is more like an autonomic cell of the entity/hive. They will probly take over after people destroy the earth.

@ErasmusB_FurmanSmall Termites are more advanced than any other species including humans, well the actual entity is the termite mound...

Can you show me the books and various multiple languages that termites have given the world? How many sculptures and architecture works do they have on record? What major universities have they built and do they teach at? What inventions or technological advances have they given the world? Your comment is utter lunacy.
I do believe dogs are great creatures, but "best" is subjective and varies from one individual to another. Some prefer birds, cats, fish, lizards or snakes, horses, etc. as the "best." And your best is great for you - as is their best great for them.

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