Tonight [9-10-13], a Democratic President will try his best to convince Congress and an entire country, that going to war and striking a country that has done nothing to America, is the RIGHT thing to do. Amirite?

Again, enough can not be said about the "peacemaker" doing nothing but keeping us in war mode since his election. He has dragged our troops all over the Middle East and kept our soldiers fighting continuously. His promises to bring everyone home and to close Guantanamo Bay have turned out to be more lies. Neither has happened still.
And I know for a fact, if this president was a Republican, he would have been crucified by the public, media, and Congress many times over. His impeachment would have been called for numerous times.
I am sure many of you, Congress, and the nation will blindly continue believing and following this bumbling fool, and it will be to your country's loss in status, respect, power, and greatness.

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Something tells me you don't like Obama

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NOT! His golf game sucks too! Google his golf swing, and you will see he is horrible. He can't shoot hoop and throws a baseball like a girl. No prejudice intended, but for a black man, that is pretty much a crime!
You left out how much he has spent on vacations and the double flights that he and Michelle have racked up. They rarely fly together. Always 2 separate flights and staffs of people - doubling the expense. Oh, and all those concerts at the White House and parties for rock stars, musicians, and actors/actresses. Hey, it's just the taxpayer's money - who cares?

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Nope. Game over. Try again?

A "jock" stands and watches a bully terrorize an innocent kid. The jock could easily stop the bully but decides to just stand there and watch. I was the innocent kid. I vote for intervention.

@VicZinc A "jock" stands and watches a bully terrorize an innocent kid. The jock could easily stop the bully but decides to...

I feel like other countries should help. But, for some reason it seems to have been put on the U.S. to intervene all the time. So we get criticism either way. We can't appease everyone. I'd say we should stay out of it but then there's a possibility that no one will do anything and then I would feel horrible about that.

@VicZinc A "jock" stands and watches a bully terrorize an innocent kid. The jock could easily stop the bully but decides to...

We are not and should not be the world police. We are not obligated to fund the extermination of evil from the planet. If that is the scenario, then we must invade ALL countries with dictators and forms of government we disagree with. You have just created a huge can of worms that would be our undoing for sure.

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I agree. I stand by my comment "I vote for intervention." I prefer the strong kid on the playground to stop bullies and not to stand by and watch, even though more often than not he does just stand and watch, I still think he should intervene.

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Big government is a hindrance TO the people. It is not helpful and private parties or businesses can beat the government in quality or cost any day of the week. The problem is, government is now imposing and dictating what people can and can not do. They have overstepped their authority and purpose.

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The world is embarrassed at the pathetic excuse for a president that we have..................

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He pass healthcare reform modeled on Romneys' plan
He end the war in Iraq
He drew down troops in Afghanistan
He saved the US auto industry
He passed the Consumer Protection Act
He Killed Osama bin Laden
He prevented a collapse of the US banking system
He prevented Gaddafi's troops from massacring the people of Libya
He convinced Mubarak to leave Egypt
He ended torture by the CIA
He ended "don't ask don't tell"
He expanded education grants for students and prevented the banks from rising the interest rate on student loans
He extended support for veterans without jobs
He increased sanctions on Iran
He ended usery practices by credit card companies
He seated two liberal justices (Sotomayor and Kagan)
He passed the Food Safety Modernization act
He stopped production of the F-22 (plane from hell)
He extended stem cell research
He extended broadband networks into rural America
He erased the Reagan era food nutrition program and replaced it with real nutritional requirements for schools
He ended subsidies to For-Profit-Schools that do not meet student placement standards
He reduce the size of the military under the guidance of the joint chiefs
He cut 1.4 billion from the dead-in-the-water Reagan "Star Wars" program
He designated 200 million acres of wilderness and wetlands
He tripled the size of Americorp

ah, let me think, about 2000 other things that I, and many other intelligent people support, despite what you venom spitting haters think.

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There are still troops in Germany, does that meant that WWII is still on?

Yes, almost exactly Romney's health plan.
I support it because it is the right thing to do.

Troop fatalities are down significantly (75%) in Afghanistan since the drawdown.

Detroit was killed by GM's greed not Obama's well timed and necessary socialization of the industry (since ended - the industry is now fully capitalized again)

Has the Republican sponsored corporate welfare programs for the last 30 years been beneficial to you personally? Did you get rich with Empire Zone tax breaks that created zero jobs and lined the pockets of billionaires with tax dollars?

OBL? Is he your buddy or something? Cute nickname.

"Benghazi!" Rush Limbaugh's rally cry. Getting tired of it.

I wonder what kind of shape Egypt would be in if Mubarak had stayed?

Control over the CIA? Probably very little, but Bush's publicly sanctioned torture is morally wrong, and it certainly did more to harm America's image than Obama's public announcement that it would end.

Don't ask don't tell was a stepping stone to bring the US military into the modern era. Ending it took balls, and Obama has them. Maybe the US military will finally accept that humans are humans regardless of orientation.

Shifting the cost of education to those who benefit from it, hmmm, yes that seems like a good idea to me. Preventing bankers from reaping untold profits from the back of struggling families, another good idea. Yup, a very good idea indeed.

Sanctions on Iran. Options: do nothing, bomb the hell out of them, sanctions... you decide.

Well let's see, I am a bleeding heart liberal so yes, I do like Sotomayor and Kagan. And yes I think the Bush appointees are buffoons, especially Roberts.

Regardless if we agree or not. I find these thing to be "good for America." You may not. It is what it is.

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I am afraid you are dreaming in an old paradigm. 100 years ago Billionaires created jobs. George Eastman (Kodak) created almost 400,000. In the modern world, Stewart Butterfield (Flickr) created only 16 jobs. Warren Buffett has created only 6. I personally, on the edge of poverty have created 37 jobs in the last 3 years. Of course Butterfield was not a Billionaire when he started out.

In the modern world Billionaires tend to invest in markets. Markets do not create jobs. Very few “billionaires” build factories, or even businesses (it is too risky). It is people without money that create new business, because they have nothing to lose.

I understand the confusion; we must consider the current climate of taxes (gains v. wages) and regulation that hinder startups to understand why wealthy people are unwilling to create jobs.

It is easier for a poor sap (like me) to put my meager savings on the line and then go bankrupt if I fail. A Billionaire is rarely willing to risk bankruptcy when she can just play in a diversified market and do very well.

The world has changed my friend.

The new paradigm in not pretty to us with old fashioned values, but it is what it is. We either buy into it or we are going the way of the dinosaur. We cannot stop the march of "progress," and, sorely the new world economy is one without physical labor jobs, without brick and mortar factories. We are stuck in a transition period between the industrial age and the future.

Sorry to say everything we learned about economies in the last 200 years is now wrong.

@rilara How did you make 37 jobs?

I took $60,000 out of my retirement account, started a small business, and hired people to work in it.

@VicZinc I took $60,000 out of my retirement account, started a small business, and hired people to work in it.

Oh that's so cool! What kind of business was it? What made you decide to start a business? Do you still own it?

Sorry about all the questions, I just find this to be really interesting.

@rilara Oh that's so cool! What kind of business was it? What made you decide to start a business? Do you still own...

It was a restaurant and I sold it last month. Thanks for asking. I was fun running it and it was very successful. Investors bought it.

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Several personal/family obligations came into play - and the offer was extremely tempting. I was able to use that money to further my charitable endeavours which brought great joy to me and my family.

@VicZinc It was a restaurant and I sold it last month. Thanks for asking. I was fun running it and it was very...

That's pretty impressive. Also, as DW2 said, why not continue running it if it was so successful?


I'm not getting involved in the rest of this debate, but Don't Ask, Don't Tell was a bad thing because this policy made it clear that being any sexual orientation other than straight was a bad thing. If it's viewed as something bad, it isn't far-fetched to assume that being gay in the military will cause you to be disriminated against. I'm not sure what your personal opinion on LGBT rights are in this case, so maybe you don't see that as a problem, but I don't think the government is interested in supporting discrimination in any way, especially in a way that is covered under the ENDA.


Yes, don't ask don't tell was a bad thing.


Only buffoons vote down.........they don't know any better!

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He has taught all the young people how to lie and get by with it..............oops, they already knew how to do that.

He won a Nobel Peace Prize...........oops, but he wants America to believe that an act of war is "the right thing to do" and that striking Syria hard and fast will send a warning message to those evil leaders who abuse or mistreat their citizens. Damn, that is going on right here in our own country already.

This silly post pops up 9 months later. WWIII - OK whatever.
Nice try you guys any other predictions? How about a nice ice-age, or a the second coming. You dildos.

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The affordable care act.

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