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I find your choice of words interesting. "Poor" vs "Successful". Wouldn't it be more appropriate to say "Poor" vs "Wealthy", or "Unsuccessful" vs "Successful"? I suspect this message is being propagated by conservative media outlets. If anything, I've noticed more of a growing animosity towards the poor than the wealthy.

@PhilboydStudge I find your choice of words interesting. "Poor" vs "Successful". Wouldn't it be more appropriate to say "Poor" vs...

That's part of my point. Success isn't about wealth but people seem to make it out to be that way. But if we were speaking of wealth only, I still think there's more animosity towards being wealthy. Sure, people still want wealth but a growing number of them seem to think that the wealthy are corrupt and only out to keep the poor as poor as possible.

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Capitalism- an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

I don't know how people take that definition and turn it into an immoral philosophy that's about corruption and greed.

Success in capitalism does not rely on "domination of others". It relies on two or more parties coming to an agreement on a trade (money for product, product for product, service for service, etc.). Profit does not need to be monetary. Capitalism allows for freedom for either party to partake or not partake in the trade that is offered. This mean if one party thinks the trade is unfair to them, they can choose not to trade.

I feel it's also important to note that while there are examples of capitalism being practiced in our country (mostly through individual trade), we are not practicing total capitalism because the state controls most transactions. One could argue that the United States is heavily influenced by corporatism, which is the control of a state or organization by large interest groups. If you're gonna fight anything, fight corporatism; not capitalism.

I'd say you're right in cases of extreme poverty. But believe it or not, there are people who don't put forth their best because they're afraid being successful at something would give them a bad image amongst their peers. I forget the source, but I was watching a documentary once which focused on intercity schools and one of the things mentioned was that doing well had a negative stigma; a lot of students didn't want to be labeled a nerd or a snob. This type of attitude carries on into adulthood where being successful made them a target for criticism. "He didn't get there on his own. Everything must have been handed to him."

This is what my post is about... negativity. Nobody ever became successful by blaming someone else for their lack of success.

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i think that only schools can change the mindset

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As a Thatcherite, I absolutely agree with this post. But also want to add into the mix that there is also an unfair assumption that all people with money and success feel contempt for all those without. The mega-giants of capitalism are usually cited as evidence for this, but what these assumptions forget is that the vast majority of wealthy people are actually just middle to higher-income middle class people! The uber-rich are indeed a minority in society, but they do not make up "the wealthy" - the vast majority of people with money are decent, hard-working middle class people who expand their businesses to allow more jobs, more opportunity for others!

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How about the animosity that rich people have toward poor people, did you here what that Shark Tank guy said? what an idiot

@RaceCarrington How about the animosity that rich people have toward poor people, did you here what that Shark Tank guy said? what...

Missing the point. My post includes all people, rich and poor. This means that both the rich and poor can show animosity towards others being successful. The point is that we all must encourage success if we want to get there.

And try to keep in mind I'm not strictly speaking of wealth. I'm talking about success, which holds a different definition for each individual.

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