People always worry about those who are trying to lose weight but never think about those that are trying to gain weight, amirite?

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lots of support for losing weight, lots of hate towards being overweight, lots of "skinny" glamorized, not much support for trying to leave "skinny".

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that's true
from personal experience
they're both pretty hard

in my pre-teens/early teens
I struggled to lose weight
I'd feel guilty eating
but food just tasted so gooood

later on in early adulthood
I struggled to gain a little weight in that eating became more like a chore
even though I still loved the taste of food
the proportions were too small

it didn't help being warned about the Freshman 15
but maybe it did help in that I didn't have to go through the Freshman 15

since obesity affects more people than issues such as anorexia
at least where I'm at
it seems like losing weight is harder
at least I'm guessing that's what it is

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absolutely rite!!

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