A lot of phobias (Homophobia, Islamophobia, Negrophobia) can stem from two overlapping areas: fear of the unknown and fear of the different. Amirite?

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I think that would fall under the unknown

and people tend to be more ignorant about things that are different from them than things that are similar to them
so that's one overlap between different and unknown

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I'm not justifying it
just trying to expose understanding of it

I think about groups like
the Klu Klux Klan
or the Taliban
or the WBC

if you're born and raised in societies like those
with the some of ones you love most having these horrendous views

how can you know any better?

people conform
it's done naturally

I'm not saying they're excuses
but what if you were in those societies?

they have a strong hold over what you do

think about books like
Brave New World

you have a few that will rebel
but really
how can you be so sure that you wouldn't be just as bad given that you were raised in that environment?

little kids used to watch lynchings like it was some kind of show

it's like they had no feelings of sympathy

is that really their fault?

how do you know if you're brainwashed?



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I already said they're not excuses or justifications

they're explanations

like I asked before
how would you know the kind of person you'd be in those environments?
everyone wants to say they'd rebel
but that's just not true
only a few actually rock the boat
the rest just conform

one of the reasons they stay the way they are is because everyone who disagrees with them sorta just writes them off as ignorant and cruel

so they only find comfort with their own kind (the ones who agree with them)
which just promotes the horrendous views even more

playing the blame game isn't changing anything
the main goal should be to change things for the better

I've been able to change the racist views of at least two people just by talking and listening to them continuously about it
and it sunk in with time

I didn't talk about it just one time, or two times
it was a constant thing

the main thing is that they stay talks
and not heated arguments where names are called

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Maybe they know all to well from experience... Are you saying you cant be educated and have a phobia??? I could understand certain black people having a phobia from witnessing a lynching ..but fron a white viewpoint i imagine seeing a lynching is exactly what it takes to make you change your country for the better

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