IF the evolutionary theory is true and still occurring, AND time plus chance really can in fact equal a Universe and life, THEN it is just a matter of time before pigs are flying, unicorns are roaming the Earth, and cows are jumping over the moon! Amirite?

I went on a website today called www.sciencelearn.org.nz and here is just one quote I found: "Science is based on and derived from observations of the world around us from which interpretations are made. Scientists depend on empirical evidence to produce scientific knowledge."
If you look up the definition for EMPIRICAL you will find that it is concerning things that are verifiable by observation, experience, or experiment. It is supposed to be both verifiable and provable. The whole concept of empirical data is to rule out theory. The observing is to be either with the naked eye OR the use of instruments.
This is CLEARLY not being done regarding the Evolutionary model or the Big Bang. Neither are observable by any human being living today. The definitions do NOT stipulate that millions or billions of years must be allowed to occur before or while observations are being made. If either can not be observed TODAY by living human beings who call themselves scientists, then what is being taught and practiced simply is NOT science!
You young teenagers need to STOP telling me your science proves everything you believe in.