If an unwanted (or forced) abortion is murder, then so is a wanted (or unforced) one. Amirite?

If a forced abortion is murder, and can be tried as such (which it can), then this proves that the medical community, legal system, and government view the forced aborted fetus as a human being - otherwise there could not be a murder.
So, if the unborn fetus is life (which it clearly is), then regardless of WHO takes it, it is still the taking of or killing a life. The only difference is, we have "allowed" a woman to decide it is ok to kill it if SHE CHOOSES to do so. But in any other instance, it is murder!
Friends don't let friends......kill babies.
The clearest example of premeditated murder is in fact - abortion!
And please, do not tell me how compassionate and concerned you are about the human or world condition if you have no problem with abortion. If a person can not choose life first and foremost in the womb, then all other human issues and endeavors are pointless. Equality, racism, fairness - they mean nothing if a fetus is meaningless.