A government that can’t build a functional health care website isn’t likely to be very good at running health care for 330 million people, amirite?

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Sure, it's silly that the website's subpar, but that seriously has nothing to do with the overall effectiveness.

as you are well aware the the function of Obamacare is to ensure equal access to health insurance it has nothing to do with "running health care".

Health care will remain a private industry.
The healthcare industry has the biggest lobby of any industry.
The only reason to hate Obamacare is that the healthcare industry has not defeated it, therefore it is good for their profit margin.

Obamacare will regulate the insurance industry and force those who are currently using emergency rooms for their general healthcare needs to obtain insurance. The goal is to make it so hospitals and other providers will not need to pass on the cost of treating the uninsured patients onto those of us who actually pay for our treatments.

Please stop bashing this program just for political reason and please admit that it is essentially the same program that Romney endorsed.


you just got served

theyre working on it... i have some faith

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