We consider now the Democrats as the good guys and the Republicans as the bad guys. Not knowing that the Republican "Led by Abraham Lincoln" actually are the ones who forced the 13th Amendment (Abolition of Slavery) and the Democrats were against it. American politics sure is funny, amirite?

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first of all

Democrats and Republicans are seen as good and bad depending on individuals

some view Republicans as the good guys
and some view Democrats as the good guys

I don't do that because I won't determine how "good" someone is based on which they associate with

each individual member does not agree with everything
there are contentious issues within parties

the mentality of the parties today and the mentality of the parties centuries go are two different cans of worms

here are some comments that explain:

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Republicans made a conscious decision to become the bad guys buy implementing the "Southern Strategy".http://goo.gl/vbZtKo

So full of stupid. The political alignments of the two parties have changed drastically since the time of Abraham Lincoln (although there's still a lesser-evil thing being played out).

republicans back then are different than they are now., most of the republicans now are either super far right tea party, religious right, or neoconservative folk. theyre not the same as abraham lincoln. that was a hundred years ago

You should probably look at how those republicans and democrats differ from today's

Ha. Ahaha. Referencing the past mentality as being logical in a modern scenario sure is fun.

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