There should be at least one news station or channel that reports ONLY good and positive things going on in society and the world. Amirite?

I have often wondered WHY I need to know how many people were shot in the various towns or countries around the world, or how many fires occurred and where. WHAT can I possibly do about it or with this information???
The media seems to always report stories with missing details that would make the story make sense to begin with. And then they always want to know what WE THINK about such and such! The more we KNOW about something, the better equipped we are to make intelligent thought processes about information.
It would be so refreshing to have a channel that told nothing but good heart felt stories about people helping others and accomplishing good things. It would be just as real as the current news, because it would be actual things happening around us.

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I am fairly decent at coming up with ideas but not the implementation of them. I am willing to be in on something like this but would need leaders who know what to do and how to pursue it. I would not know where to begin. I would even be in favor of a collective effort. But I am convinced it would go over hugely because so many people are sick and tired of all the crap they feed us.
If you seriously know how to pursue something like this, please let me know. Maybe others on here can offer suggestions.

Being sheltered from evil only makes you ignorant and vulnerable to it.

@BlackVanilla Being sheltered from evil only makes you ignorant and vulnerable to it.

How on earth would ONE news station only tell good or positive news be sheltering people from a world filled with evil? Based on your logic, the more exposure to evil the better off a person is.


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I'm not saying ONE news station would fuck the world. I'm just saying that the more humanity tries to hide itself from its true nature, the weaker it becomes

@BlackVanilla I'm not saying ONE news station would fuck the world. I'm just saying that the more humanity tries to hide itself...

I give up...............nobody is saying to HIDE anything! And where did you ever get the notion that evil and the exposure to it creates strength?

We shouldn't hide anything. I mean, there would be people who couldn't handle the truth, but we don't need those people anyways. I know it appears cruel, but it's the truth.and also, I never said exposure to evil makes you strong; I only said that shelter from it makes you weak.

"we don't need those people anyways" - that isn't cruel but rather bigotry and bias. Not sure who gave you the authority to decide who we "need" and "don't need." And how do you claim to know or hold to the truth? What do you base your source of truth on? Popular opinion? What your teachers or parents say? What the Supreme Court rules? What news station you watch or listen to?
And in case you have not learned this yet - when you make a statement about something, you are also saying or implying something else with that statement's opposite. So, when you say that shelter FROM evil makes people weak, then you are also implying that exposure TO evil makes people strong.

Lets say you start to snort cocaine, and your mental health declines. Therefore, we can assume that cocaine makes your body weak. However, if you don't snort coke, is your body necessarily "strong?" Obviously not, so therefore, when I say sheltering from evil breeds weakness, I don't mean that exposure to it breeds strength. I'm not saying or implying that.

And as for the whole "we don't need those people" deal, think what you may, but here is my logic; first of all, I'm not saying I have any authority over who is of use and useless, but I have an opinion which stems from none of the things you listed but prominently from logic. If children are raised to shy away from evil, and therefore develop this shelterment I've been talking about, when they grow into adults, they will not have the means to face this evil, and be begetted by ignorance and unfamiliarity. On the other hand, if children are raised in an environment where evil is present and dealt with (although not overly extremely) then these children, as adults will have the qualifications to combat it. And as for those who don't have this qualification, there contribution to society will be comparably meager, and that is what I mean by saying that "they don't matter.

To sum things up, today, kids are growing more and more tightly within the shield of America, which disregards the tragedy of the world for the purpose of retaining the youth's innocence. As this new generation of children grow, they may find it difficult to accept the world for what it truly is, as opposed to what they were led to believe through the careful mouths of America. A news station that utterly disregarded evil would worsen this difficulty signifigently, and only cause more problems and incompetency within our country.

@BlackVanilla Lets say you start to snort cocaine, and your mental health declines. Therefore, we can assume that cocaine makes...

We are obviously speaking on 2 separate plains of thought.
Most of what you say is completely off the wall in my way of thinking. Your last paragraph is totally opposite of how I see the world we live in. You claim that kids are sheltered and being shielded by America "tightly" - when in fact kids today are exposed to far far more than kids were when I was in Jr. High or High School. In my high school, it was rare for a girl to sleep with a guy and if she did she was considered "loose" and even a "slut." Pills and drugs were pretty uncommon, and pot was kept under wraps. If you wanted it, you could get it, but you had to know someone. There were no extremely violent video games (I grew up playing pinball games), and rap/hip hop music was not around. Hair bands were the extreme genre of music. During my senior year of high school (1976), the heavy rock bands were Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Nazareth, Boston. This stuff is child's play compared to things that have come out since. Most kids did not and could not date until age 17 (age 16 was rare) on up and there were specific times to be home at night (always by midnight). Most of my peers still thought marriage was a good thing and looked forward to finding the love of their life. Transgender and homosexuality were not talked about or common at all. The majority of my peers had a mom and dad at home. Many of my friends got punished at home if they got in trouble at school. Public schools were still allowed to give swats with a paddle. Most young people did not swear in public and there was a basic respect towards all authority figures. I never once saw a gun in school or even heard anyone ever talk about having one.

Compare that with today's norms of what kids are allowed to do and get by with. You are trying to convince me that kids today are sheltered, and I am telling you not even close!

Quite frankly, I am not sure what your opposition to good news on ONE news station is even all about! I did not say ALL news stations - I said ONE. If you believe that would honestly harm the youth of America then something deeper is going on in your thought processes. I wish you all the best in being exposed to as much evil as you can possibly stand and handle. I try avoiding evil every chance I get. Just because I am exposed to it and live in a world full of it, does not mean I have to run to it for entertainment or every single news cast.

I agree that kids, in the regard you speak of, are indeed exposed to a lot more than previously. However, I'm not talking about those kids/teens, for they are exposed to enough "evil," and the majority of them are older (teenage, high school).I'm talking about the new generation of priveleged white children, not teens.

Let me give you an example from my own life. I live in a fairly well off neighborhood, with few minorities, and decent schools. Very few of the students smoke weed, act like criminals, or do most any of the things you before mentioned. Recently, there was a decent sized controversy within the school system, however. The conflict was based off of a few novels that seventh grade kids were reading. Apparently, some of the kids expressed their discomfort in reading the novels, and went to complain to their parents about how the books were "inappropriate". Some of these books included "The Outsiders," and a few others. In these books, which I had to also read when I went to middle school there, I believe that like two people die, and apparently that was too rough for some of the students.

Its hard to believe that these seventh graders are nearly in high school, for "The Outsiders" and some of these other novels have been issued to students for generations; I read them and the students before me read them. Back then, there was never a problem. But now, parents and students seem to be busting veins in their foreheads just because of a fictional story. It is rediculous, and the only conclusion it supports is that kids are getting weaker, and more immature.

Why? I think it's partially because of what you mentioned beforehand. In other parts of the country, teens are out smoking pot, having sex and drinking, and meanwhile, parents see this and grow horrified. They promise themselves that they'll never let their own children become that (which in part, a stereotype), and they start to put in all their efforts to shield their kids from evil. This, along with some other variables, is how this "sheltering" stuff I've been talking about happens.

And then there's your argument which states that just one completely positive news station would do no harm. I agree, actually. It probably wouldn't, but here's the issue--we, as humans, don't like negativity (we can't handle it), so we would come to very much enjoy these positive news stations. Then, when everyone starts to rave on about how wonderful these stations are, it would likely become a trend, and before you know it, another positive news station pops up, and another, and another.

That is my reasoning, at least.

@BlackVanilla I agree that kids, in the regard you speak of, are indeed exposed to a lot more than previously. However, I'm not...

Well at least you gave me some substance to actually SEE how you got to where you are in your reasoning. That is very necessary when dialoguing as we have been.
First, the example from the school you cite must be a reference to either a private or parochial school. I am assuming this based on the context of the outrage. In a public school, your example would not be an issue. Most things go and are allowed in today's public schools. The mindset of religious schools or Christians in general is a bit more reserved and "sheltered" in that they are not as quick to accept or open to things that might be considered evil or "worldly." There are specific teachings in the Bible that instruct against being exactly like the world - the culture and popularity of the present moment. Jesus was IN the world but not OF it. Christians are instructed to be the same. It is a very delicate balance to walk and certainly not an easy issue.
When raising and training children, the Bible instructs parents to be in charge of that process - especially the educational aspect. If a parent is teaching their child(ren) a set of beliefs and practices at home and don't allow or agree with certain ideologies, but the school goes completely against those teachings, then there is a rub. Public schools are often teaching things that Christian families have issues with. The rub will never go away as long as there are people who believe the Bible and people who don't.
Second, many people today would look at the schools and kids in general and say they are far worse off than say in the 50's or 60's. The pressing problems among teens today (alcohol addictions, smoking, drug addictions, pregnancies, crime, disrespect for authority) seems to support that line of reasoning. Every generation faces it problems and difficulties, but I can personally say from experience that each generation gets a little worse a little quicker. When I was in school, the things being done in high school by high school aged kids is now being done in Jr. High and Middle Schools regularly. There are even things occurring in Elementary Schools now that are serious problems. And what got it to that point? Exposure to "good" and wholesome teachings or examples OR exposure to "bad" and evil?
Third, I honestly hear the struggle and issue loud and clear. There are parents that want to totally protect their children from all bad and evil to hopefully prevent them from ever trying or experiencing certain things. I grew up in a Christian home and know all too well what this is all about. Kids who are raised this way, typically at some point in their lives, will try things just to see what it is like or what they are missing. But the lesson all of us should learn is that we don't have to practice evil to find out if evil is in fact evil. I don't have to go out and become a drug addict to know that drug addiction is not healthy or the best lifestyle. I don't have to smoke cigarettes to find out they can damage my lungs and cause cancer. We are supposed to learn by and from the mistakes of others.
Lastly, morality is a human issue. Whether we are religious or not, we should all be concerned about the well being of ourselves and our fellow humanity. If it can be established and proven that constant exposure to evil and bad behavior produces good and better people, then by all means we should all promote and encourage such. BUT, if it can be established that exposure to good and decent behavior and examples produces better people as a whole, then we should all embrace good wholesome lifestyles for all. If morality can be achieved completely independent and apart from any religion or religious teaching, then I say we should have reached and realized such a society by this point in history. Your last paragraph makes it sound like that if good stations popped up all over the place, this might somehow be a bad thing. I believe just the opposite. If our goal is to produce a good moral society that helps and treats others with total respect and dignity, then how in the world could we possibly overdo or get too much good? Wouldn't it be a far better world if there were no drug addictions, no rape, no senseless murders and shootings, no unwanted pregnancies, no child abuse or neglect, no poverty or hunger, no theft and robbery, no pathological liars and deceivers, no divorce.........................
Just a thought.

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