It's not weird to expect to be invited along when my boyfriend of almost three years meets up for coffee or lunch with his ex. I mean there shouldn't be anything to hide or a reason to have to meet up alone with an ex, amirite?

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I definitely agree that out of respect the girlfriend/fiancée/wife should always be invited along when her partner meets up with his female friend and vice versa for the girl meeting up with guy friends. It's different if they meet up alone and the partner is working or can't make it but out of respect for the relationship the invitation should always be open. It's not about trust it's about respect. If they have something personal to discuss that is what calling/texting is for. Once I'm in a serious relationship opposite sex friends become a friend of the couple.

Where is your trust?

@Skr3wBall Where is your trust?

I don't think it's just a matter of trust it's a matter of respect if it's an ex then there shouldn't be a reason that your partner can't come along unless you are talking about things you shouldn't be. I mean what do they need to be talking about or doing that your partner couldn't be there for?

are you sure you wanna still marry this person?

with this and the vacation issue

@fuzala are you sure you wanna still marry this person? with this and the vacation issue

I just don't think it's appropriate to be meeting alone with an ex. I think my feelings should come before an ex and if it makes me uncomfortable then I should be able to come. He is dating me NOT his ex

I do we got the vacation thing straightened out cuz he basically told his family I am paying for everything and since he is marrying me either I come because I am now part of the family or he stays back cuz his loyalty is to me and I feel the same way in regards to him going ALONE to meet some ex IMO.

Why would anyone disagree with this maybe people missed the part where I said ex if there is nothing to hide then the girlfriend should be able to go IMO.

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