If life has no meaning/purpose, then there is no meaning/purpose FOR life. Amirite?

If there is no reason to be here, then we shouldn't be here. Existing or living for the sake of either is pointless and meaningless. Is life simply about food, shelter, and clothing? And what process of chance or evolution would have us be somewhere just to take up space and go through some meaningless motions?

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Again this comes down to definitions.

What is the purpose of the moon?
What is the function of the moon?
what is the reason for the moon?
What is the use of having a moon?
What is the cause of the moon?
What is the point of the moon?
Do we need a moon?
Would life have started on Earth without a moon?
How can we use the moon?

People seems to have the capacity to create a purpose for things. I found a stick, I use it to hold open the door. Is that the purpose of the stick?

I have a live. I use it to have fun. Is the the reason I have a life?

What do you mean by "purpose" or "reason"?

If you don't get any pleasure out of life then it sucks. Doesn't matter if there's no meaning behind it

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The purpose of life is to explore and live such moments, that would give more joy than the moment of orgasm. y smilie

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that's up to you how you work that out for your life.

There is no reason that life should be in us. It just is, and I'm grateful. I hope to make sure my time is purposeful though.

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