If a "stranger" in a public setting gropes, fondles, or touches "private" body parts inappropriately or unwantedly, you can have them charged for sexually violating you. BUT, if a government official or representative [TSA, cop, etc.] "stranger" does it, you have suddenly lost your "rights" to "privacy." You are told they are doing it for your own good and protection. Amirite?

It is mind numbing to see how far we will let a tyrannical government go in the pathway of invading and removing our privacy rights. The pat downs and strip searches at all airports across the U.S. are a sham. MOST Americans have no tendencies or ties towards terrorism. MOST Americans are free citizens with no criminal background or history. And yet ALL Americans are now targeted and treated as potentially threatening suspects to the "free" country they were born and reside in. This is completely wrong, backwards, and asinine. If people have no criminal history or background, and have no known ties to terrorism, then there should never be "suspicion" or treatment of potentiality. This suggests they are possibly guilty of something BEFORE committing any wrong action. Innocent people should always be treated like innocent people.

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Next they will want to come to your homes and search you.

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@Amiriter38560 Next they will want to come to your homes and search you.

They pretty much did a dry run already when the Boston Marathon bombing occurred. I don't know if you followed that story closely, but there were thousands of SWAT, FBI, Special Forces, and multiple helicopters in the air. If you recall, they did a mandatory curfew, shut the city down, and did a house to house search without warrants or even suspicion of the living single bomber being in any person's home. If you refused to open your door to them, doors were kicked in. The MSM did a very piss poor coverage of the blatant and egregious violation of free citizen's rights and freedoms. I was surprised that more citizens did not protest and demand otherwise. But little by little, and slowly but surely, they are dumbing all Americans down and neutering us in the process. The last major battlefront is guns of course. If they every get that one, we are literally doomed.

its wrong

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