One's choice in music is almost a type of intimacy, amirite?

Knowing someone's choice is music is a direct link to their inner most self: it can tell you how they feel, what they're like. To truly understand why someone likes what music they like is to know what kind of personality they have. I might not be able to convince you, it's hard to explain, but I know what i'm saying is true, at least to me.

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I get your vibe here, and can relate. Music is in every single fiber of my being. I have music playing all the time, and play what I am feeling or in the mood for. There are a few genres I won't touch and have never liked because they just don't feel right for me, but I never bash what others listen to.
My playlists would tell more about me than just the choice of music. I customize playlists to fit specific moods or feelings. I actually have a playlist called "emotional rescue." I think we do find songs and styles of music that fit who and where we are in our lives at this particular time. And yes, intimacy and passion all the way!

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