Illegal immigrants (law breakers) can now get licenses to practice law in the state of California (lawyers uphold and represent the laws in the books). If this does not prove that things are upside down and bass ackwards in America, nothing does. Amirite?

This story of a guy in California who has been here for years but is still illegal, is getting a lot of attention. If an immigrant has NOT received their green card or citizenship status while living here, then no matter how a person looks at it, they are still illegal and breaking our law.
Special steps and measures were taken to make sure this guy (Sergio Garcia) gets a free pass and is moved to the front of the line. The CA Supreme Court has ruled in his favor, and he will get his license, even though still an illegal.
This will set precedence all across the country, and clearly sends the message that America now rewards law breakers and gives them special treatment that American born citizens who have records don't get. I read in one report where Eric Holder weighed in and said that even if the state or Supreme Court had ruled against him, it would have been un-Constitutional! This country is free falling without a parachute.

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Was he at least in the process of becoming a citizen or getting a green card?

"that American born citizens [...] don't get" ??

@hugo "that American born citizens [...] don't get" ??

Can or do American born citizens get the same free passes that illegals do? No. Can citizens break the law and then be rewarded? Of course not! It helps to pay attention and engage the grey matter.

It is called selective enforcement and that is not what law is all about. Either enforce the laws that are on the books or get them repealed by a vote of the people. Seeing our legislators are useless and worrying about how much soda we drink I don't think we need them in the loop on decision making

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