That 12 year old kid who sang Lady Gaga's paparrazzi in his schools talent show is absolutly amazing, amirite?

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He is better then Justin Bieber...

I know! I keep listening to it.

totally! just found out about it today! my mother showed it to me... lol

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His voice is so good! Hes very talented!

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Greyson Chance :3

He is amazing!!!!!

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he looks like justin beiber but sings like lady gaga hahahah wow

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The Biebernator aint got shit on Greyson. That kid is a millions times more talented.

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i reckon his publisists or whoever did the worst thing they could by saying hes the next justin beiber cause now no matter wat i will never be able to make mysefl like him even though i think he is actaually ammazing and tallented!!!

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I love him soooooo much. It is tied between Justin bieber and that guy.

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