Since the US government is increasing the debt by $46,138.32 per second, every US law should have to pass a cost/benefits analysis. In other words, we should seriously consider removing any laws that are huge financial disasters. It's possible for the cost (to society) of enforcing a law becomes greater than the cost of not having the law at all, Amirite?

I'm just spit-balling it here. This could be a very bad idea.

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Well we should definitely get rid of laws that are retarded... Like how one can't marry multiple people or a member of the same sex. Seriously, how do those affect others negatively? They don't, that's how.

It's all a scam where politicians hook up their crony friends for off the book benefits and tax payers foot the bill. We need to tell out public servants we are their boss and hold them accountable even if that means hanging a mother fer

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Well I know their is a "GLOBAL CRISIS" Now. But in my personal opinion , the government must set laws to prevent chaos in the country. I'm not an American , but I know it's hard in your country now. Left and right people are complaining. Not only US, European countries, they are experiencing crises now , even rich countries in Asia. Everybody is experiencing the "CRISIS", but war is not the solution for it. The government must do something about it. It so happen that the Americans they are use to "GOOD LIFE," we in our country , we are use the "HARD LIFE." So we don't complain , we just work hard and of course we pray and pray. Their is a saying FAITH can move mountains. And we believe that. In your country , you don't see SCAVENGERS in the streets, in our country we have plenty. But still the people can still smile inspite of hardship.

Let's not forget: If we drive the deficit down to zero, then private savings have to equal our trade balance (currently very negative.)

GDP = consumption + investment + government spending + (exports − imports). This is an accounting identity so no way around it.

Unless we export more then we import then personal savings (investments) will be the opposite of government spending [unless the GDP goes down].

In other words: the more the government spends, the bigger the average 401k gets and vice versa.

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Duh! But too simple for the brightest in D.C. to grasp.

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