Those moments when a yawn isn't as refreshing as you hoped it would be are super annoying. Amirite?

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yawnus interuptus.

PhilboydStudges avatar PhilboydStudge Yeah You Are +1Reply

this question made me yawn

Yawning hurts. I don't like it.

JohnJillkys avatar JohnJillky Yeah You Are 0Reply

I hate it when that happens!

Maya_Pinyuns avatar Maya_Pinyun Yeah You Are 0Reply

Yeah, then I force another one

That's so true

SocialStephens avatar SocialStephen Yeah You Are 0Reply

especially when sitting in church....annoying to everyone else because it reveals your true feelings.

fml123s avatar fml123 Yeah You Are 0Reply

95% of people agree that it's "super annoying?" Holy cra-you-know-what!!! I have absolutely zero expectations for my yawns and have never even thought to measure their refreshingness. So, 19 out of 20 of you are paying close attention to yawn outcomes?

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