America's president can not decry the violation of foreign agreements or policies when he himself violates the rule of law in his country. Amirite?

It is actually laughable to not only see king Obama rule this country, but to run around the world telling every other country what they can or can not do. He may have a big stick, but he has no idea what the "big boys" are capable of. Since he has established a precedence of weakness and idol threats globally, his empty rhetoric will continue being ignored by world leaders who know what they are doing.

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Furthermore, I would go on to say that America's anyone cannot decry the violation of foreign agreements or policies at all. I'm siding with George Washington here: what other countries do is none of America's business.

Inhumanities, of course, are the people's business, but if something is the people's business, let people handle it, not countries, not armies, not words and documents. If we truly, honestly care that somewhere, somehow, the poor are being shot in the head on the streets, then it would behoove us to fly to wherever that is and deal with it ourselves, instead of sending people in our place who don't care and are just following orders.

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I'd pay to see that one................

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