According to many experts, "The Grid" is extremely vulnerable to terror attacks or EMP's. It seems with all the knowledge and genius available in this country, that we could figure out a way to put the grid in space, and then seek to make ALL electronic devices wireless. Amirite?

Please don't humor me with insults. At least I try to think outside the box and come up with creative ideas and/or solutions. If you spend all of your time just poo pooing my ideas or thoughts, what does that say about or for you?
If you think I am just plain crazy, then offer something more creative than I have.

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Just saw this yesterday and wanted to link it to this post. Looks like they may be kind of headed slightly in that direction.

It would be a lot cheaper to build a smarter grid on Earth that would be terrorist-proof (ie, if the bad guys cut a line or took out a substation, consumers could get power automatically through an alternate route.)

Generating power out in space and beaming it back to Earth as a microwave is an idea with merit.

Easier said than done. First there's the issue of who space belongs to. Second, I imagine that putting the grid in space would make electricity prices go up a tad. Finally, I think actually that the technology does exist to shield various systems from EMP, and so further developing that technology to a point where it's more economical to distribute widely is a more realistic goal than moving the whole infrastructure into the relatively unknown environment of outer space....

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Numbers are no guarantee of success. They also have the largest standing army, which currently is only good for disaster relief. I agree that their cyber terrorism is a threat, but it's not like the world isn't doing a lot to counter it already, and it's not as though their sheer numbers will guarantee their victory.

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All common and poorly founded fears of China born straight out of a fear-mongering tabloid media. So the US owes China money...can China actually afford to press it as much as your tabloids would have us believe? No. China relies a lot more on the US and Europe as markets, and cannot afford to do anything to upset that.

China's "usable land" is extremely limited in fact. It is an extraordinarily desperate issue for the government who now risk antagonizing the neighbours they should be making nice with in order to secure enough usable territory for their very survival.

You use the phrase "do whatever it takes to win." I'm not sure you should underestimate the USA's ability to pull out the stops and do whatever it takes to win. A fleeting glance at America's military past (with the exception of Vietnam of course) will tell you that. And as it happens, the United States could reduce it's military spending by heaps and still dwarf Chinese spending on its military.

Your assumption of equal technology is also grossly misplaced. China's "prowess" in technology is more a smokescreen than anything of substance. China's technological agenda right now and in the near future is based almost entirely on single-use one-upmanship stunts that make China look awesome while in fact as a nation they are still decades behind the US technologically. Even in their military, the top Chinese general said just last year that China was no less than 20 years behind the US in its military abilities.

China remains a country totally surrounded by US bases, with America's allies also spread about in an effort to contain her. Even now she is unable to outright exercise what she believes are her rights to some uninhabited rocks and atolls which might have significant resources but no one is really sure yet. Compare that to the US that can exercise its will in the Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Persia, the Pacific, the Atlantic....anywhere it wants. China is also a highly isolated country with no powerful friends who would gladly aid her. She is beset with liability, instability and unrest within her own borders. I predict that soon enough China will be so consumed with countering the threats from inside her borders, that she barely has the resources to focus on anything else.

Do you honestly believe everything you read about China in a pointless western rag of a newspaper?

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For the record, China is absolutely not landlocked. And you also make a contemptible assumption that I am "good" with the existence of debt. I'm a Tory, my friend, which means I believe in frugality, wealth generation and fiscal responsibility. The existence of such wealth is a blight on the record of any nation, and not something that should be ignored. However, the frenzy that is whipped up about it as some kind of brand new never-been-seen phenomenon that there is no way out of is lunacy; a grossly irresponsibly smear that will only serve to worsen the situation.

It's like when the debt ceiling was being raised. Many people were misled into what that meant for America, causing mayhem and madness across a nation misinformed and not acting on good information. What good does it do to throw divisions and multiplications around to try and make other people look idiotic as you have tried to do just now? None, that's what.

Why don't you try learning about the reality of things and maybe you won't go around making such wild and ill-conceived statements like China being landlocked and each American citizen personally owing 14,000 dollars to China. It's this kind of talk that whips up hysteria and idiocy, which ultimately does more harm than good. I should know, i live in CHina and they do the same thing.

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In truth, I can't guarantee that this website won't be one day shut down in China, but I've been using it here for the past 4 years or so without any hindrance, so I guess we're good so far.

Despite your flippant and casual tone, I will attempt to address your points in a manner more befitting their gravity. First, about the second amendment. I certainly wouldn't like the US to just toss it aside regardless of public opinion. I'd like to believe that the American public would eventually come to the way of thinking that people in fact don't need to carry automatic weapons, machine guns or assault rifles, and don't need their local K-mart to stock 9mm bullets etc. If the continuing will of the American people is to ignore what I believe very much to be the reality of things, then that IS their choice and while I will eternally disagree with is and be disheartened by it, I certainly would never take pleasure in that will being subverted by those who should know better.

I don't think that gun control is tantamount to america "disarming itself" as you put it. Countries like the UK and Australia have implemented far-reaching gun control measures (more so than any proposed in the US by the more reasonable proponents of change), and there is no growing tyranny or shadow in those countries. I guess it's just hard for other countries in the world to look to America and see so much gun-related tragedy and wonder why absolutely nothing is done about it. I believe in having more faith in the robust system that our ancestors fought for, that can be held together without the need for a heavily armed mob to keep it in check. I don't see how the threat of armed uprising from the populace is a more civilized, democratic or freedom-encouraging idea. In my mind, it just means that armed militias are able to threaten stability and undermine the democratically elected and legitimate government of the day. You say they'd only rise up if they fell under tyranny. That's not how most armed revolts work. Again, a fleeting glance at history will teach you that.

Freedoms of speech, assembly and religion are things that are perhaps dearer to the British than they are even to you, sir. They were, after all, written into our bill of rights well over a century before your country's constitution was conceived. I am also a passionate believer in stopping any promulgation of a "right to not be offended," which I believe is a back door to Orwellian style language and content control that would be utterly intolerable.

China does indeed control its media, including the internet. However, they do tend to busy themselves with merely deleting content rather than tracking people down and making arrests. Another foreigner in China making noise about this, that and the other is of no consequence to them.

You mention TAM square, as the last great example of what? You'd do well to scrutinize all the information on hand yourself before assuming you know exactly what went on that day. I've talked to people who were there, read the western media, chinese media, heard eyewitness accounts and a lot more and even I don't really think I'm 100% sure exactly what happened that day. I can probably just settle for the fact that neither of the extreme opinions on it, the Western one or Chinese one were totally accurate in their account. Better to acknowledge that it was a terrible thing perpetrated by terrible people, and a lesson to be learned from. As for a lack of acknowledgement on CHina's side. I think it's a disgrace and a terrible slight to the families of those affected, and that it does great harm to China in the long term.

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I'm afraid that you might have to concede that life in China isn't QUITE all you supposed. China certainly does have more limitations on the rights you mention, but that doesn't mean it is a place unworthy of living. Just to put a few positive elements into play for life in China, here are my top 3 things i like about life here:

1) Violent crime of any sort is really rare, especially in the larger cities like Beijing
2) Growing internationalism in China is having a very positive effect on social media, broadcasting, culture and education
3) Cost of living, even in the larger cities remains quite low, and rising wages mean more and more Chinese people can enjoy luxuries, travel, hobbies and interests

My bottom three things are undoubtedly the things you so astutely mentioned in your previous comments.

As for speaking your mind, my Chinese colleagues and I all like to have a good rant about this and that in China. We also have a good rant about America too, because nobody's perfect after all. At dinner after a few beers I've been known to engage in a heated debate or two on Taiwan, the party, social issues and a lot more with my chinese friends (among whom are some police officers - they're always interesting to talk to)

Religion is certainly a big problem area that makes me very uncomfortable. Aside from churches and religious activities being heavily monitored and controlled, there is just something so so wrong about presenting alternative ways of thinking and believing as negative or even criminal acts. It's very disturbing indeed. But considering China had absolutely no religion on pain of death just over 30 years ago, I'd say they're almost looking to be making progress in that area.

Not being able to defend yourself....well, can you offer a for instance? Who is it you're most worried about having to defend yourself against? I'm curious.

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I wouldn't agree with any of that. It does rather seem that my knowledge and experience are somewhat lost on you. I will conclude by simply saying that the best weapons against tyranny are intellectual vigilance, getting involved in politics, good discussion and a free, independent media. I just don't see where guns come into it. In my mind, a heavily armed populace is a recipe for disaster in the longer term.

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And you think the best way to deter such things from happening is by having a populace armed with assault rifles? My objection is simple, the system needs to be robust to work without such weapons being a necessity. I believe that countries like the UK and Australia have shown that it does. And who are you to deny the rights of all those who are afraid of militia gangs using their weapons to subvert the current government, intimidate or threaten people. You can't deny that this is as likely an outcome as the suddenly authoritarian US government going rogue and declaring martial law out of nowhere?

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And I won't take your word that countless millions of assault rifles, handguns, machine guns and supermarket aisles lined with ammunition are the best way to ensure the safety and security of a society. This is especially when the view is touted by such an obviously ignorant, intolerant and closed-minded person as you clearly are.

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Just so you know...American victory in the Revolutionary War was absolutely critical in the current development of my own nation and that of other European nations, which I am eternally grateful for. My middle class roots would never have flourished quite so strongly if it weren't for the spur of American influence that pushed them along. I suppose you'd know all about that...actually I guess not, given that you thought China was landlocked.

And there you go again with your calling me a communist, fascist and whatever else. I'll just let this slide I guess since whatever I say will go wholly unnoticed by your tiny, underdeveloped and under-stimulated intellect. Congratulations on being someone who thinks they know it all about everyone around the world. Do you even have a valid passport? I'll just leave to your Talibanesque Tea Party nonsense, while the grown ups on this website have a proper discussion about things.

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Actually what i said was that we Brits value those rights EVEN MORE than you do, because we had them written into our OWN bill of rights many many many years before yours was conceived. I think you'll find I also repeated that point to you a couple of times, but I guess it just doesn't register. Too logical and decisive for you to accept perhaps.

Based on that, why on earth would i say that your constitutional rights are unfounded? Are you just trying to put more words into my mouth now? That's pretty dark and orwellian of you to try and do.

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First, I didn't attack those rights in the US. And those rights have NOT gone the way of the dodo in the UK. They are stronger than ever.

As for gun ownership rights. Rather than attack, I suggest that what they entail be reviewed (as they have already been in the past by the US Supreme Court, I might add, and indeed already mentioned but once again you refuse to notice it). In the UK, the overwhelming majority of people, after the Dunblane shooting, have come together in a consensus that much tighter controls on guns are a necessity. As a result, we have not seen any increase in tyrannical behavior from the government, nor have we seen any erosion of our own rights. The people demanded that these changes be made, and the government did so.

The British people, on the whole, do not believe that guns make a society safer. We believe that we have learned this the hard way...and we wonder why America continues in its overall refusal to even consider the question. It's baffling.


Do you add "pray" into your questions to try and make yourself sound more intelligent? Or are you just trying to sound more dramatic maybe? Is it a religious thing? Can't you just ask straight questions and give straight answers that actually address the points I make, as I have with you? It seems to me so far that you're spending so much time thinking of dumb questions to ask me, that you're not even trying to answer the questions I have posed. I have been extremely generous with my time this afternoon offering you my point of view, but you have just refused to listen or engage the entire time. I consider this conversation a massive failure. I may as well have spent this whole afternoon chatting to a bag of golf clubs. At least I could take them for a game afterwards. This endeavour has been utterly fruitless for me; just a basketful of ignorance and nonsense from someone who apparently doesn't understand a word I'm saying. Read a book, sir! For the love of god! Or get on a plane and go and live out in the world for a while. Get some perspective and some sense! It worries me that these things you're saying today might actually be your real opinions on things. I'm happy to say that you are not representative of what America really has to offer. my American friends who also live very happily here in China provide me with much more stimulating conversation. I guess I'll go and talk to them for a bit. Even the pro-gun ones are more interesting than you.


I'll also thank you not to put your little air bunnies around master class as if it was a phrase I used or supported. Keep your idiot terms to yourself.

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Dear oh dear oh dear....it seems you haven't paid a single iota of attention to a word I've said so far. It's actually quite amusing to me that a 40 year-old can be both so immature and so condescending at the same time. It's an impressive skill you have. If you can even point to ONE thing I said that evidences me as being a "Communist Lapdog" then I'll gladly retract everything I've said about you as an idiot....sorry...as a "person."

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I suggest you tell it to your own "masters" as you like to put it. My own situation regarding rights is quite fine as it is right now. As a British citizen I enjoy better travel rights, healthcare rights, financial freedom, freedom of thought and mind, and I have afforded myself to broaden my horizons by living overseas.

I'm thoroughly satisfied with my own situation, as a free-thinking, well-educated, well-travelled and experienced young person. If I found myself suddenly living an existence as closed, narrow, limiting, constrained and intellectually stagnant as yours, I'd take up your second amendment right and shoot myself in the with it. Talk about a need for escape...jeez.

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Of course, we have a hunting rifle at home, and I used to go shooting with my great uncle. Rabbits are a particularly satisfying kill for me (f**king pests). Of course the only real way to hunt is on horseback with a pack of hounds.

Anyway, I also fired handguns at a range in China, as well as an AK-47, M-16 and a couple of types of shotgun. My personal favorite is still my old hunting rifle back in England. I was home last year and bagged several rabbits that were digging up our field. Hate them.

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I wish you well in your cosy world heated by fears armageddon. For the rest of us, life goes on I suppose. One more thing, national debt certainly doesn't always have to grow. I would agree that it'll probably always exist, but certainly isn't in a constant state of growth. If you bothered to look back beyond the last 2 years, then you might know that.

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First of all, I don't think I've said anything remotely pro-communist, or anything remotely anti-democracy for that matter. In fact, I do believe I identified myself as a Tory, didn't I? My personal ideology is actually most welcome to the people of China, who also work for greater freedom of the individual; something I believe in most passionately. The people here also are growing to despise the collectivist views of old, and want the chance to build a life on their own terms, and not on those dictated by others. How is this communist propaganda? The majority of people here aren't even party members...and I'm certainly not.

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Not always, no. But I have faith that when they make grievous errors, they can be held to account. I'm particularly proud to come from a place that holds the highest office of state to particular account, and more so than any of our democratic cousins in Europe and further afield. Have you ever watched Prime Ministers' Questions?

Whew! After all of that.....I think our grid is much much safer! I am quite sure China has absolutely no interest in America's power supplies. And Tommy, you forgot to point out that Chinese investors are buying up American everything. Gee, I wonder why?

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I think you had the upper edge, especially since a guy is now living in a communistic climate spouting about freedom and liberty! Something very fishy about that whole scenario. We KNOW for a fact that publications and communications are far more monitored than they are here. I think somebody has sold out to country to outsource for income purposes while still holding to a mindset of liberty. What good is something in your mind however if you can not live it out or practice it in your day to day? Just my thought.

@freespeechfreelancer I think you had the upper edge, especially since a guy is now living in a communistic climate spouting about...

You're actually going to judge my ability to talk about liberty because of where I live right now? You realise that given my experience of living in a number of different societies, I actually am MORE qualified to discuss it than you, right? Why would you make the retarded assumption that I just assume the form of whoever the locals are and become exactly as they are; think how they think? I still read the same news I read when I lived in other countries, with the added advantage of being able to read the Chinese stuff too. Any good historian and fellow with common sense and intelligence will tell you that taking all you can from a single source is the stupidest way to form any kind of judgment.

And why is China investing in America's infrastructure? For money! Duh! Why else would they be doing it? They're the most capitalistic society on the planet these days. They do it for the same reasons American corporations go around the world buying shit up. I suppose being a world expert on "communistic climates" you'd know all about that, wouldn't you?

Did you actually READ the whole exchange? I don't believe I said one damned thing in favour of communism or socialism. And what's "fishy" about me living in China, especially when I haven't said anything to defend or praise the party or China's politics. I hate the political system here, i think it's utterly abhorrent. Why does the fact that I live in China make my opinion less valid? I still have access to all the websites you do, even if some of them I use a VPN for. Your ideas on what life in China for people like me is like reflect your total ignorance. I pity you! Stuck in your little bubble thinking America is perfect. It's ridiculous. Snowden just uncovered one of the greatest undisclosed and illegal spying, snooping and monitoring campaigns in history and you have the GALL to have a go at ME for living somewhere that I know better than you sucks in that regard (which is why I endeavor to circumvent it), while sitting on your high discredited horse

Why am I even wasting my time talking to you? You literally tried to just say that because I live in China I have no ability or right to discuss liberty. Did you proofread that before you posted? Wow. I mean...it's worse than the crap Rush Limbaugh comes out with.

@TommyUK1234 You're actually going to judge my ability to talk about liberty because of where I live right now? You realise that...

Retarded? Are you living in a "free" society? It is a YES or NO answer. And NO, you are not. So based on the context of your present environment, you are NOT free to speak freely or authoritatively to anyone about such.
If you have complete access and freedom to all news and to do as you please, then either you are not being fully truthful or America is communistic as well. The readers can decide that for themselves.
Are you free to advocate and promote your LGBT views where you are? If not, why not?
And I am far from "thinking" America is perfect. I know better. You must get a thrilling rush in using insulting boyish words like "retarded," and "ignorance." Makes you look totally superior and intelligent now doesn't it?
The better question is: why would any freedom loving and freedom believing person intentionally put themselves in a context of less freedom? So you can tell others how free you are and how much you believe in it? Makes perfect sense. Are you honestly claiming that China is the only place to make a buck? You probably believe that China flooding the American market with its goods is a wonderful thing as well. Go China! Screw America.
The best thing you said in your comment is "Why am I even wasting my time talking to you?"
I have no idea. Please put in a good word for freedom while you are there and openly declare your views to those around you. Let them know you are a freedom fighter and supporter and then let all of us know how well that goes for you.
P.S. I proof read this and approve of this message.

@freespeechfreelancer Retarded? Are you living in a "free" society? It is a YES or NO answer. And NO, you are not. So based on the...

Here's are two good questions for you - how do you measure freedom, and how much is "enough"?

Here are the freedoms I do have in China, and in brackets I'll indicate their limitations:

Say and think whatever I want (but not loudly in public, depending again where I am)
Live and work where I want (some exceptions in military-base areas)
Practice a religion (although I'm actually an atheist. churches are definitely monitored, and i can't preach publicly)
Earn money, become wealthy, buy property (can't purchase land, though)
Start a business, hire employees, invest in local businesses (but i think there are limitations on the stock exchange)

Here's the thing: you measure freedom on your own scale; an American scale. America is by no means the most free nor the most democratic country. It also does not hold a monopoly on liberty or its definition, nor did it invent any of the above concepts. I defy you to give any logical reason why my currently being in China is any reason I can't discuss the ideas of liberty, justice, democracy or anything else. If anything, I'm more qualified to because I have seen things from differing perspectives.

You continue to give your tabloid-inspired examples of restrictions on freedom and rights in China - some of them are absolutely bang on. If you want to know something closer to the truth, I'd be happy to give you a more reliable perspective. Since 1978, the people of China have experienced a whirlwind of change. This is actually due to a gradual abandoning of socialist and communistic ideals, and favoring a more balanced international approach. The continued abuses of human rights are deplorable and unacceptable, but you'd do better to understand their context better, rather than just parroting a bunch of tabloid garbage written by people whose exclusive raison d'etre is to push sales of their publications.

Freedom comes in many forms, and I resent any american that claiming that their own definition is the only one to admire or respect. Go out into the world, my friend.


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