Americans need to learn the metric system like the rest of the world. Amirite?

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No kidding. F*ck inches. Who the hell came up with this system?!

JohnJillkys avatar JohnJillky Yeah You Are +2Reply

No kidding. F*ck inches. Who the hell came up with this system?!

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I would love that, and I'm american

IyzCampbells avatar IyzCampbell Yeah You Are +1Reply

we already have deary.

@wasteofsperm we already have deary.

Some Americans haven't, deary

JohnJillkys avatar JohnJillky Yeah You Are 0Reply
@JohnJillky Some Americans haven't, deary

No, not really. It's literally required as soon as you start taking science in middle school and if you don't learn it you can't take the class. There are very, very few Americans who don't know metric.

@JohnJillky Hence why I said "some"

There's hardly enough people who haven't learned it for me to be comfortable with just the word "some." There's so few, like saying some Americans are 10x richer than average. Maybe it's only me but the word some has a different connotation than a word like few.

idk yy

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Watt are you talking about?

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Most people know it, but since our system doesn't actively implement it we're not being enforced with it the way we should be. We have metrics in things such as computers when working with kilobites, gigabites, etc. but we don't presently have an active system in order for all things. We should, because it's so much easier, but 'murica loves being a special snowflake.

LeyTheFleas avatar LeyTheFlea Yeah You Are 0Reply

I agree that we SHOULD learn it. But we don't HAVE to. It's similar to saying that all immigrants have to know English before coming the the United States. Would it be wise, and better for everyone? Sure. But is it necessary? No. I just think it's ignorant to say that others NEED to learn something just because that's how the majority does it, I guess.

Ethans avatar Ethan No Way 0Reply

Erm, I'm pretty sure we are taught it (at least I was at my schools). I'm almost positive it's a requirement to know the metric system for science classes.

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That's like saying we shouldn't use the internet because we were fine before we had it.

I think the biggest problem we'd face switching to metric would be that, at least for a few decades or so, we would still need to manufacture tools to work on our standard equipment (like American made cars). Other than that, most other things would simply be minor inconveniences like learning what 20C feels like outside.

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