Does anyone else find it ironic that people high in power, like Michelle Obama and many others, are holding up signs saying "Bring Back Our Girls"? I understand they are trying to get the word out about the cause, but why are they calling us to action? We have almost no power in those situations. They are the ones, if anyone, that could try to do something about it, and yet they are posting things on the internet in order to feel better about themselves for "doing something about it." Amirite?

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But it does show that the people in power are aware of the issue. This avoids the Marie Antoinette problem.

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I think they purely do such to try to make commoners "feel" like their leaders can relate. Also, all politicians carefully pick and choose which issues or world incidents to either support or distance themselves from.
My biggest question about this is why Michelle is doing the speaking and not Barack. And you are correct in saying that there is absolutely nothing that we as citizens can do to change it. They have all the power and our money, so anything that does get done will have to come from their doing. The bigger irony in my view is why she is so concerned about these girls, but has never once expressed outrage over girls who go missing every single day from the United States and are never to be heard from again.

What's ironic is that you've got the government of a wealthy country that is so corrupt it is incompetent to meet the basic needs of its ordinary citizens because it is too busy servicing the ultra-rich few ... telling another one what to do! :D

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@perdix What's ironic is that you've got the government of a wealthy country that is so corrupt it is incompetent to meet...

Don't forget giving away billions to causes and countries that we should not be having anything to do with. If our own house is not in order, we should not be worrying and trying to fix or control everyone else's house.


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