The best way to defend yourself from people who attack your beliefs is to live the example that your beliefs set, amirite?

This post is assuming that your beliefs and acting out those beliefs wouldn't cause anyone physical harm. If you believe in the principle, "treat others the way you would like to be treated," that's what you should do. If you believe that Jesus opened the eyes of the blind, made the deaf see, the dumb to speak, the lame to walk, and raised the dead to life, then if you say you believe in Jesus and are his follower, you should be found trying to live the life that Jesus lived. When you live the life of what you say you believe in, that's a defense against those who attack you, because they see you and your life as an example of what can come out of acting out those beliefs. If a good amount of the world's population acted out the moral beliefs that they say they believe in and follow, acted out whatever guide for life they have, acted out whatever moral principle they were taught, then I believe that the world would be a better place. Not only that, but there would be a firm foundation in place for moral practices, and less people would be able to break that foundation of morality because by living the life of such practices, it would be harder to break that foundation.

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If you think love is great don't respond with hate

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Maybe, but that could backfire. If you do live by your beliefs, your enemies could use you as an example for why they attack those beliefs.

If you're a proud Brony, but are still unemployed and living in your mom's basement, otters could point at you saying grown men shouldn't be big fans of "My Little Pony" (Except for Applejack;))

Imagine if someone said that to a schizophreniac, lol.

How about if your beliefs are nuts? e.g. Scientology

And what do you consider "attacking" someone's beliefs?

@PopsicleStick Imagine if someone said that to a schizophreniac, lol. How about if your beliefs are nuts? e.g. Scientology And...

Well...if you live the example, maybe you could show people that your beliefs aren't all that nuts...

By attack, I mean people who use verbal abuse to try to put doubts in your head or knock you off of the path that you're going. Destructive criticism.

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I said, "try to put doubts." But, I agree 100% with what you said. Doubts are not necessarily bad, because it allows you to question, and in asking questions, you sometimes gain answers to secure you in your belief. On the other hand, you sometimes realize you were not a true believer in what you once thought you believed in.

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