If someone proposed the idea of suicide booths , on a global-scale, and there's a one year mandatory waiting period in which one can change their minds. You would be more for than against, amirite?

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I would (do) support the right to suicide and the right to have doctor assisted suicide.

I do wonder about the administration of such a global network and the potential for governmental abuse.

I guess if the government wants you dead they don't need a machine to do it; on the other hand it is a private matter, the idea of government regulating this, setting timelines, and maintaining records bothers me.

@VicZinc Interesting. I would (do) support the right to suicide and the right to have doctor assisted suicide. I do...

wait until someone who hates you signs your own assisted suicide papers and offs you and gets away with murder. assisted suicide is the stupidest thing ive heard, then the government can off you and say you wanted it and get away with it.

instead of supporting assisted suicide why don;t you support the victim and show them a reason to live. not be a heartless jerk

A year sure is a long time, i guess i'd have to take what i can get

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I only say yes because that seems like a much neater way to go than throwing yourself off a building and giving someone the burden of scraping your body off the pavement. Or better than OD'ing on drugs and letting a friend or family member stumble upon your body. Then of course there's the waiting period. I think this does two things:
1) It gives them a motive to wait. Of course they could just go ahead and do it on their own if they wanted, but perhaps many would feel better about doing it with the machine and be willing to wait.
2) In that year waiting period, they could ultimately decide to not end their life.

The way I see it, if someone's going to commit suicide, they're going to do it. It might as well be a controlled, peaceful environment that makes cleaning up easy. I assume the booth would maybe have some nice music playing in the background and provide some sort of calming lethal injection.

Or -plot twist- the whole purpose of the legalized suicide booths are to out people with suicidal thoughts and to find ways to subtly convince them that life is worth living. Like you go to sign up for the suicide booth and are greeted by a very friendly, professional, and helpful staff. Nobody at the suicide agency openly criticizes you for wanting to end your life or advises you don't do it but they have special training in leaving subconscious messages in your brain that your life might not be worth taking.

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no, the only thing that can get someone to not commit suicide is a loving family that actually shows support, not make excuses, name call, or call the person selfish or whatnot. most suicide cases are because people feel under appreciated or like no one cares

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