The treatment of women needs some real improvement. Did you know 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted/raped? I don't know about you, but I would sleep a lot easier if that number was a hell of a lot lower or non-existent. Amirite?

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I totally agree! I hate that I have to carry pepper spray around campus to feel safe. I hate that I can't walk around campus alone because it's dangerous, I should be able to go somewhere without a buddy. I hate that I was sexually assaulted my freshman year of college. In the building I live in, my "home." Something has got to change.

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I do agree with you, but I think the way you're thinking of the problem is a bit oversimplified. Still, hard to argue with the clear message you're supporting.

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this is a subject that makes me see red and DW2 you are not a hypocrite. I think we should put them down. to treat any being like that is just wrong. and Ilikeme you are a nitwit

The 1 in 5 statistic comes from jackasses that want to conflate me being raped with some drunkard getting kissed without consent.

I mean just look through the google results https://www.google.ca/?gfe_rd=c...ally+assaulted'll find the 1 in 5 statistic's useless garbage.

Anyway, in those backwater countries where women might as well be property? Yes things needs some real improvement but you can bet your ass there's a lot more wrong with those countries beyond just the treatment of women, it's not to say it's unimportant to work towards equality for women in their society it's just to say that everything's fucked up there. It's not like it's specifically the treatment of women that's fucked up, everything's fucked up.

Then, first world countries? There has been real improvement and we still see people pressuring for more and more "equality", to the point that it's not equality. It's favoritism, and this whole mentality of women being disadvantaged to men in our society isn't about to just up and stop when women reach equal status to men. Women will continue to play the oppressed delicate flower and become favoured if they aren't already.

I mean, fuck look at the 1 in 5 statistic that people are happily willing to toss around because it favours their argument. Isn't that enough to tell us that people are perfectly happy to warp the shit out of statistics and tell the story how they please in order to favour a certain group and try to set them up as this oppressed minority we need to protect?

Everyone needs to be treated well. Each gender gets raped, assaulted, fears late at night.

If you want equality how about we actually start acting like equals instead of trying to pressure the other gender into treating us better? Not to mention I'm sick of people acting like women are incompetent as their argument towards "treating girls right" and shit. Or better yet that I as a man should not be weak and frail "like a woman", that I'm not a man because I'm not masculine enough or something. Or like I was never raped because, "oh you're a boy".

Everyone faces injustice. We don't need these gendered arguments. We should stride forward as a team.

Sadly there will always be people who either can't or choose not to control their animalistic impulses.

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Not rape. Sex. Sex drive is an animalistic impulse. Some people get out of control with it. Resulting in rape/sexual assault.

The best thing a woman can do to defend herself is train in Krav Maga, or Haganah, from an acredited instructor. Not take a class, but continually train.

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Everyone says get a gun, but my boss' instructor has known women who carried guns, didn't train, got their gun taken, were raped and killed with their own gun. Learn how to deal with a gun, from both ends, pointing it at someone, and having it pointed at you.

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For self defense yes, HaganaH and Krav Maga, are all about overwhelming, and quickly disabling your opponent.

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Yeah, I train in those, but wrestling, and ninjutsu, but I train in modern Arnis, a Filipino stick/knife/sword/empty hand, system.

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I like stand up, I train BJJ, I'm getting my blue belt soon.

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Thanks, I just recently got my 3rd degree in TaeKwonDo, and Black Collar. I also have a 1st degree in the Arnis. How long have you been training?

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Posts like these make me very uncomfortable and I can't pinpoint why. It makes me feel like you're trying to alienate girls further, and they're already stigmatized a bit which is very very weird to me. Are you trying to say stop raping? That just feels like common sense. Are you saying be nicer to girls? Like...why though

Are you saying be nice to girls by not raping them? Why do you think you have to say something like that? Why do you think there are girl-rapists on this site who are going to see this and be like "you know what you're right it's time to start being nice to girls"

You make me very uncomfortable

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Fuck you for making me argue with myself. I understand what you're trying to say but you're phrasing it very poorly and attacking the wrong points - you're attacking the fact that I feel alienated instead of emphasizing your real point that people who stand by and let a situation happen are just as guilty as the instigator. For now I'll just pretend you opened with that instead of with how invalid my feelings are.

Here is my response.

Good point, guy! Okay, I'll try not to let people rape girls in the future!

Please excuse my formatting, I don't remember exactly how to italicize on this website and have no idea if it's going to show up how I want it to.


This story has nothing to do with what I said and I do not care at all but congrats on the self-fulfillment I guess

Women are treated how they allow themselves to be treated, and honestly, women for whatever reason seem to accept a lot of ill treatment so they can blame themselves for how they are treated.

@Ilikeme Women are treated how they allow themselves to be treated, and honestly, women for whatever reason seem to accept a...

That is the one of the worst things I've ever read in regards to violence against women.

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