You would marry Norah Jones' voice if you could, amirite?

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she is the definition of Sultry

C01s avatar C01 Yeah You Are +1Reply

She is adorable
Combine her voice
with her sisters hands
and her father's brain
and you got yourself
a dandy bride

I would marry Mary Costa's voice if I could

Her voice is ......mmmmmmm :3

I wouldn't marry anyone for just one of their attributes. I believe in marriage and a mind, body and soul. :)

No, I don't think I could develop a satisfactory relationship with a voice. Is that the new thing now? Marrying nouns?

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Hopefully, I'll be dead by then.

It's not that great! Besides, how do you marry a voice anyway!

I don't know her.

Dam right, I would. Sultry....smooth and sweet. "I Do"!

Billytheclubs avatar Billytheclub Yeah You Are 0Reply

No but she has one of the most lovely voices, i like her music.

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