the worst part of high school is the drama, heavy books, lack of free periods for social time, lack of social time, and overprotective "brothers" that want to watch every move you do in case you fall. the best part? you tell me. Amirite?

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Worst part of highschool was NOT understanding that

1) anyone who remembers, five-years later what happened socially in highschool, failed to get a life.

2) Ninety percent of people who married their highschool sweetheart are disappointed in that decision.

3) You should have dated the ugly ones too. You might have learned that beauty is only skin deep; after graduation no one gives a rat's fart (or even remembers) who-dated-who - if the do remember, see #1 above.

all high school is is social time what waste of a child's mind

High school was actually pretty great for me. But I also wasn't an overachiever in the slightest. So I didnt have heavy class loads.

The best part is the friends you make.

definitely the drama. and many people just being shitty.

I was not a huge fan of high school. I tried so hard for 4 years to impress people that I haven't seen since I graduated 2 years ago. It's not all bad though. I made life-long friendships, developed my passion for psychology (which I am now majoring in), and I met my boyfriend that I've been with since 10th grade. I can't really say what the "best" part is for you, but those were the best parts of high school for me.

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