If you sounded it out , the plot twist from The Sixth Sense was given away almost instantly by Cole's name..Sear...Seer.... He is psychic and can see spirits. Amirite?

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Actually, I knew from the very beginning what the twist was. I told my husband at the time that no one couls survive and be in the shape he was in after that shooting - he HAD to be dead.

what about sears? is it a psychic store?

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@irish what about sears? is it a psychic store?

sears is now an out of business company..What fools, they had catalog sales and could have turned into a rival for amazon. If only they went into online sales. But I liked sears stores , they had a lot of old fashioned things nobody else carried.

They also had the tell, when ever there was a ghost present there would be something red.

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I don't know, I only watch gay porn.

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