Guys hate being called cute or adorable, amirite?

"Cute" and "Adorable" sometimes means an automatic friend-zone. But...ironically, it can mean the exact opposite. So, insult or compliment? Do you think guys typically HATE being called either of the following?

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The first few times it was weird, but eventually I got used to it.

we prefer handsome

C_ZAR1s avatar C_ZAR1 Yeah You Are +1Reply
@C_ZAR1 we prefer handsome

I'd think so..Most disagree though. >.>

Damis avatar Dami Yeah You Are +1Reply

The guys I know in real life, yes. In the internet, not so much.

Sofias avatar Sofia Yeah You Are +1Reply

That's weird..

Damis avatar Dami Yeah You Are +1Reply

My boyfriend doesn't seem to have a problem with it. Lol..

Damis avatar Dami Yeah You Are 0Reply

I don't know, but I don't know why they would hate it.

I enjoy it when my Tomboy calls me cute. Makes me blush every time.

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