Interactive movie based video games are a waste of time... Amirite?

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In a way yes, why waste the money when I can just watch it off youtube?

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They're cool. Lol you mean the rps and stuff?

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Can't agree unless I have examples really. I may enjoy some depending on what you're describing.

@Yankee_Douche Heavy Rain and Until Dawn are a two examples that come to mind

I don't have a PS4. But, I do like games that are story-based only. I sometimes get sick of action and just like to control a storyline. So, I suppose I will have to just say I disagree. For me, the narrative and changing the flow of it is one of the most fun parts of a game. That's why I like RPGs so much.

@Yankee_Douche Heavy Rain and Until Dawn are a two examples that come to mind

What I enjoy in psychological thrillers can be even more enjoyable if it’s an interactive movie game like Heavy Rain.

It makes me question my own values and experience my own panic at losing “my own” little Jason. It’s one thing to observe and whole another thing to experience it. It reminds me more of reading a book than watching a movie.

Gaming is the Devils work.

@Jezebel Gaming is the Devils work.

get a load of this retard lmao

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Gaming is worthless in my opinion, it can be good for very young kids so they can have better coordination skills, but the older kids only shoot kill run over people and that isn't good for anyone to get used to, I think it promotes aggressive behaviour.

I have to agree.

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