Music hasn't gotten better or worse over the years, it just changed, amirite?

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Over-produced to the point where I cannot detect the slightest hint of an actual human playing a musical instrument.

It's much worse.Can't understand what their singing about.There aren't many good

I love the music that I can found now, and the music that came centuries ago. Classical stuff wouldn't ever get a pass in mainstream sadly.

Tanor_Fauxs avatar Tanor_Faux Yeah You Are +1Reply

Sorry, but I just don't imagine today's Kanye West fans of today 'daning to the oldies' 30-40 years from now. [for example]

Oh I love all kinds of music especially classical, hip hop, & country.

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That might be true but i don't like a lot of the changes.

I'll take any music starting with the classical geniuses to about the 1990's.

DandyDons avatar DandyDon Yeah You Are -1Reply

well their are good music now and bad music in the past, difference is, radio played good music then, and plays the junk now

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