The Copyright policies on Youtube have gone too far now, amirite?

It's not only full movies or music videos, but now there can't be ANY slice of music pictures, or just about any Media source on the Internet that exists! Even if a whole statement about Copyright laws is posted or the content was edited in a way, Videos STILL get taken down smh

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I still wonder how people make money from YouTube videos.

Yes, I received strikes for videos that I made years ago that they're just now punishing me for. A lot of the songs in my videos were just instrumentals of actual songs.

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You get strikes when you violate copyright laws. If you reach 3 strikes your account is terminated and you can't post videos anymore.

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There are copyright laws - They are designed to protect intellectual property. [I know, my own kids don't get it either. They don't understand why they just can't down load what ever they want for free.]

they went too far the minute they started policing

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