The "other" option generally lands the most votes, amirite?

79%Yeah You Are21%No Way
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If my name was Other, I would run for President

HegeMaries avatar HegeMarie Yeah You Are +3Reply

Maybe, maybe not. :)

StephenBs avatar StephenB Yeah You Are +2Reply

People can be reluctant to commit.

Sukiesnows avatar Sukiesnow Yeah You Are +2Reply

To be honest It bothers me, because I'd prefer someone to actually pick an answer and not a cop out

TomboyJanets avatar TomboyJanet Yeah You Are +1Reply

Oh most of the time I will choose other if a majority of the options don't accurately fit me. Sometimes I choose it because the options don't fit me.

Lil_Princesss avatar Lil_Princess Yeah You Are -1Reply


If my answer doesn't fit under "Agree" or "Disagree",i'm not just lumping my answer in..

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