You can talk to a stranger in a known place, to someone you know in a strange place, but stay away from a stranger in a strange place. Amirite?

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Oh me too hehe smilie

There is definately merit to your thoughts. :)

Will_Janitors avatar Will_Janitor Yeah You Are +4Reply

I like this post... I guess if you make friends with a stranger in a strange place then they'll be someone known to you in a known place providing you survive

OzSurfers avatar OzSurfer Yeah You Are +4Reply

I don't instigate a conversation with a stranger no matter where I am. If one starts talking to me, I will reply, but that's about it. I have talked to a stranger in a strange place, when asking directions when out of town. lol

Usually.. there are bound to be exceptions but, still ...

PartyOfOnes avatar PartyOfOne Yeah You Are +1Reply

Talk whenever you want,just always have that right hook ready...

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Oh I will talk to anyone anywhere, don't bother me a bit to talk to a stranger in a strange place.

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