It's so annoying when the older generation complains about the younger generation acting all self righteous. Your generation raised our generation so you don't have room to talk. Amirite?

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And then the generation before you looked down on you

And you're gonna keep up that tradition and look down on us

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This single biggest issue I've had with my parents and some others in their generation is that they seem to want to hand out rules about anything, but then happily break them themselves and use their age as a reason why it doesn't apply to them..... ie "when you get to my age you can make the rules"... like they said that when they were 27.... then 37.... then 47 ... etc now 77 .... Image in content

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Every generation does that. It would be good if people focused on the good, and not just the bad.

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I already addressed that in my initial comment
Well half of it

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BAM! Nailed it.

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Room to talk? Oh, I think us old farts have plenty of room for that. We call 'em as we see 'em.

Lol... I think these days...people do it but don't really mean it...

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I don't think the living forebears of the Greatest Generation complained much about them.

Yes, we did but we were up against technoilogy and kids getting WAY too much information about things that they could not cope with