Trump logic: it's smart and okay to cheat the system if you're rich (cheat taxes), but you can't do that if you're poor. Build a wall!!!!! Amirite?

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I almost agree.

It is really that Trump took full advantage of laws, but if a poor person takes full advantage and uses the laws (welfare) to get ahead and feed her family, she is called a lazy so-and-so, but when a billionaire does the same (corporate subsidies and tax loopholes) he is called 'smart'.

So he didn't so much as cheat as he did take advantage of the system that enable his behaviors. That's just a 'lazy' as the welfare dad who does the same thing.

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Well he needs to stop complaining of welfare

It's the system
Not a crime

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I don't get freebies so don't personally attack me

Show some class here

Big corporations take your hard earned money and use the welfare system depleting it much more than the poor

Oh so it's okay that trump can evade taxes but you can't? Fine

Don't complain about high taxes then because trumps only looking out for himself

The way he treats his family is bad enough. Hate to see him bashing some more women, disabled people, etc

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@fuzala I don't get freebies so don't personally attack me Show some class here Big corporations take your hard earned...

Trump went by the laws of this country. Sharpton and
Rangel did not pay their taxes yet they are walking around without any sanctions. If you want to attack someone over taxes, try the ones who just refuse to pay taxes or have lied to avoid them.
You are out of line attacking how he treats his family. According to everything from his family, they adore Trump. You need some education about the things you think you know.

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because humans are dependent on each other so it's better to build bridges to facilitate that

And it's dumb to build a wall and say "Mexico has to pay for the wall, too"

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I always thought of it like that

Learned in kindergarten sharing is caring

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I do but just because I'm vulnerable at night

And I Lock my car door because I need the transportation

I understand the need for certain belongings

But an entire country is not a belonging

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There's good and bad everywhere

Including within

A wall isn't stopping that

A wall is just making those who are within really upset and there goes the "divide and conquer" method

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Trump taking advantage of the legal loops is having a much more tremendous impact on us than your friend

In fact, big corporations take advantage of welfare depleting a thousand times more than the poor

Also legal does not mean moral

And trump is well known for outsourcing and taking advantage of poor workers

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Because trump isn't ashamed of his nastiness where as others have that decency

He makes fun of people and loses his temper and just is not fit

He's in business, not politics
And even then he went bankrupt too many times

His decisions are not well thought out

That's common sense

He has no plans
"Build a wall"
"I'm gonna make things better by making it better"

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You don't even have to pay taxes if you are poor. 47% don't even have to pay any taxes.
Trump has a point when he highlights the waste of tax payer money by the this government who has spent more than all the previous presidents combined. It feels like the waste is deliberate and perhaps Trump was "smart" to not waste his money in such a manner.

He did it legally.Yes,build that wall.

If he was cheating the system, he would be in prison..

Pretty sure there's plenty of people that would make that happen if they had the slightest chance.... IRS being the first in line....Followed closely by Hillary.

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I agree with that, we would be in prison..

All politicians get to legally cheat the system by having insider trading..

A regular citizen, like you, me or Martha Stewart will go to prison for doing the exact same thing..

The only point i'm making,is if Trump or Hillary are doing anything illegal or cheating...
i'm pretty sure the other side would have them locked up just as quick as they possibly could, they both have no shortage of lawyers ......and probably friends in the IRS

It's nothing but a bunch of double talk,slight of words, to convince people that the other person is "The Frankenstein"..

Trump uses those tax breaks, because it's the law, i'm pretty sure at some time,Hillary and Bill have used those same tax laws or something similar....

Cheating taxes....Deleting E-mails.. Drama for the gameshow.

Only this gameshow only has two curtains to choose from and they seem to go to the same entrance..

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@fuzala But they're not trying to build a wall for it Because that would be hypocritical

Don't hate the player...hate the law makers..

I don't like that i can't get insider trading like politicians get..
They get fat bank accounts from being able to do that.

Sucks that the common person like you or me can't do that but they made the laws for them to be able to do it..so they're just playing by the rules, no matter how unfair i think it is..

Trump isn't the first politician to say things he'll never do.
They all do it...just part of the drama..

I'll believe a wall when i see it..

Its bad to cheat

He used legal means to not pay them, like write offs.

Most taxes are unconstitutional anyway. Taxation is theft.

Many taxes and licenses need to go.

While what he does is not illegal but it is reprehensible. Somehow it's OK to be a first class dick when it's "just business".
There is little doubt that Trump is among the 3-6% of the population that lacks any form of empathy and while Hilary is of somewhat the same ilk Trump is far lower on the "human being" scale.

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